Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday stuff

Sunday is here.
A busy week, followed by a busy (and productive) Saturday.

Now, for a calm relaxing Sunday.
Well... Kinda.

Girls were up early and I never really did get to sit and enjoy my coffee,
but it's still been a pretty good day.
Ryan got a wild hair and decided to get rid of some junk we had in our basement.
You know, just the usual...
a couch...
a queen sized bed...

I go downstairs and see this...

He just decided to hack it all to pieces, drag it down the hill, and burn it.
Well... that's one way to do it!

The girls are doing well.
Both of them seem to be pretty much over the colds they had.
Ellie's nose is still running like a faucet, but no more coughs or fevers.
Thumbs up!
Ryan has been talking about putting up shelving and storage in our garage forever,
and yesterday with his Dad's help, finally got it done!  Looks pretty great too!
Thanks Rich! (and Thank You Barb, for all your help around the house! I love you!)
Lila "helping" Daddy and Papa in the garage!

I've been grumpy the past few days.
I'm tired.  And sick of the gray weather.
I'm in serious need of a little sunshine, and CAN'T WAIT for the next 3 days of work to go by
so I can enjoy my week off!

Pups are growing like weeds and cuter by the second!  If you know anyone looking... let us know!
They'll be ready to go to new homes in about a month!
Here are some pics from the past week.
My sicky baby :(
Feeling better!  She was helping us organize yesterday!
Playing with the puzzle Papa Dave made us
Cutie in Mommy's glasses!
Being a sassy pants (but still cute... how do they DO that?!)
Kissing her buddy Tim
Got lots more to share, but I'm looking at Ellie right now and seeing a photo opp...

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