Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Papa Dave

Yesterday, we took a little day trip up to my Dad's. 

We helped out a little, took a walk/ride in the woods, and celebrated some birthdays!
Both Ellie's and my dad's!

We grilled burgers, and had strawberries and angel food cake for dessert,
complete with candles and singing, of course!

It was a good day!

Lila fell asleep snuggled up in Papa's arms!
Smooches over shortcake!
Well... at least he doesn't ACT 65!

Dad, Dave, Papa... we love you!
Happy Birthday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Friday

It's Friday and it's almost the end of the month.  
And just because I feel like it, I'm going to do a "random" post.

And just because it's poopy weather outside, I'm going to post pictures in various shade of black and white.
Just because I can.

My life has been different in the past two weeks.
I've been home.
It's a little wierd, but good too.

Great in some ways, not so great in others, but I've been home.
And since I kinda like my family... well, I can't really complain too much!

I've got cute kids.
This is nothing new, it's just that I like to share that with everyone.
You know, like a public service.

Sometimes we eat ice cream under the table.

I let my kids lick the beaters.  
I will not fear the uncooked eggs!!!
(actually, this recipe didn't have eggs in it, but even if it did... I still would have let them lick the beaters)
(I would have licked a beater too... maybe even finger-swiped the bottom of the bowl!)

My husband is awesome.
Again, nothing new.  Just stating the facts people.

Oh, and he's sexy!
(Seriously, I can't wait to show him off this summer!  Mmmmmm...)

If you are two years old and like to do things independantly... this is how you get a drink of water.

Lila likes to dress up in her "twirly skirt"
And this one is in color.  Because it just looks better in color.
...and so does this one...
...and this one too...
It's good to end a post on a colorful note!

Okay, I'm done.
Happy Friday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday weekend festivities

** Warning:  LOTS of photos **

Our littlest munchkin reigned supreme all weekend as each day had a touch of celebration!
You only turn 2 once, ya know?

On Friday, Elle and I spent the day alone together while Daddy was at work and Lila was at daycare.
She and I shared a plate of eggs and a grapefruit and she got to watch a show of her choosing without Lila throwing a fit about it!  We went to Target on a short shopping trip and then mosied around Chaska and snapped some photos!  A nice long nap when we got home and a lovely evening with the whole family!

Saturday was her actual Birthday, and although the weather was icky, we made it a pretty good day!  Lila colored her little sister a picture first thing in the morning, and for lunch they had one of their very favorite meals... FISH STICKS (I know, gross right?)  Then we had some cake and sang Happy Birthday and Elle opened her present from Daddy and I.  A BACKPACK of her very own!  (filled with a few little special things!)
Mid-morning movie and popcorn!!
"I'm TWO"
Filled with goodies!  Coloring book, new shirt, and a BUBBLE BLOWER!

Putting her to sleep that night was hard for me.  I cried as I rocked her.  Yes, I still rock my baby... she loves sto be cradled up in your arms with her blankee and cuddled at bedtime, so I will take every opportunity to rock her that she gives me! Soon this phase will pass, and my baby will be a baby no more.  Almost completely potty trained, big girl bed, talking better each day...  it makes me ... not really sad, just emotional.  Time really flies!

Sunday was her little party.  Nothing fancy, just a few family members.  A little food, a few gifts, and of course some cake... it was a really nice day!  I think Elaina was pretty tired by the end, but all in all, was a really good girl!  Thank you so much to those who made the trek over to give her some love!  
WooHoo!!  "Monies" Haha, silly girl!
Ryan's FABULOUS cheesecake!!  ~I did the "decorating"~

Elaina is an amazing little girl!
She's full of light and fire and gives me reason to smile every day!
She is determined and courageous and although she pushes us to our limits somedays, 
I think it's just to show us how strong she is, and how far in life she's going to go!
Elaina, you are a blessing to our entire family and we couldn't love you more!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Even through the dreary weather, 

we've enjoyed lots of sunshine in our home today!

Miss Elaina, you bring us more joy and smiles than we could have ever imagined!
Thank you for being the most wonderful YOU!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Because it's pretty

I need some Bright and Pretty today.
Just thought I'd share.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Chapter

This morning I woke up to a new chapter in my life.

It's a strange feeling, but I'm ok.

Ryan headed off for work and the girls and I are home together.
I looked around and realized how amazingly blessed I am...

Today will be a good day!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Backing Up: Egg Dying and Easter morning

I had a handful more photos I wanted to share from when the girls colored eggs and from Easter morning.  
Egg dying was not a smooth process and I think next year we'll simply stick to stickers and crayons.
Multiple bowls of coloring solution near young children is a Bad idea.
I repeat:  BAD IDEA.
Moving on...
I loved  watching the girls in all their enthusiasm over finding eggs and everything they discovered in their Easter baskets! 
 Each holiday is a little more exciting as they get to an age where they can really understand whats going on!  So much fun!

~Easter Morning~
She was stuffing Jellybeans in her mouth faster than you could pick em' up! Ha!
Jellybeans in a Dora container... What could possibly be better?!

and because we thought it was funny...  a few pics of the critter we encountered on our way to church!
Tom was just taking his Easter morning strut!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Because it's too cute not to share!

Easter morning.

Coffee and toaster waffles.

And the cutest little booty I've ever seen!

Monday, April 9, 2012

A blessed Easter

Clearly I'm having trouble getting up more than 1 post a week, but I wanted to share a pic or two (or more) from our lovely Easter holiday!
(I'm going to try to throw up some more cute ones from the rest of April later this week)

The good ole' bunny visited, and the girls were THRILLED to hunt for eggs and check out the goodies in their baskets!  Ellie managed to devour her weight in Jellybeans and Lila ate enough sweets to last her until next month!  Of course, they looked DARLING in their outfits, and I took more than my usual share of pictures.  

Ellie has been showing us what a surprising little girl she is, and wore undies with no accidents through the entire day! Excitement, new places, lots of people...  didn't phase her!  6 weeks ago, if you'd have asked me, I would have said she would still be in diapers at 4, but here she is... not even 2 and rockin' the undies all day!  She even has stayed dry through the nights 5 of the 7 days last week!  Not too shabby for only 3 weeks in to training!  GO ELLIE!

Anyway, we saw lots of family, ate lots of food, and soaked up lots of sunshine, and enjoyed lots of hugs and kisses!  A pretty Blessed Easter indeed!
The Family Photo
Taking a walk in Grandma's boots!