Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Punkin

Just a cute little video! Love her!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bah... sick of being sick

Seriously, this is getting really old :(

Lila has yet ANOTHER cold; runny nose, nasty cough, low grade temp, yada yada and lucky me... well, I managed to pick it up too. What the heck? The biggest bummer is, being a small fry and a preggo, neither one of us can take any of the good stuff for it. Boo. Guess we'll stick with Tylenol and Vicks!

Other than the germs that keep invading my house, all is well. The week flew by and was far less productive than I had planned (kinda seems to be the norm... maybe I should just be less ambitious?) I did manage to make it to my Dr apt on Wed and as expected all is well. Baby #2 had a good strong heart rate and was showing off for the nurse by being so active. I'm measuring perfect for my dates, although I feel enormous, and things are moving along as they should. That day I also squeezed in a lovely meal with my friend Sarah at Big Bowl (yummy) and had a chance to catch up with her in an adult conversation (Lila went to daycare that day!).

Other big news... I am now not the only pregnant female in the house! Ryan picked up Rio from the breeder on Wednesday evening and they said everything went "smoothly". I will just take it at that, and not ask anymore questions! We were give lots of compliments on how pretty she is and how well socialized she was. Guess she got along with everyone there and slipped right into their family routine! We will know for sure in about 3 weeks when you can feel little lumps in her belly, then around 8 weeks we'll have an X-ray done to tell us about how many pups we can expect. Then the last week in April we should have our litter. (Did I mention that's when I'm due?) Lord help me!

I wanted to mention that Lila has really started "talking" in the last few weeks. I'm picking up more of her "words" every day, it's so amazing! In addition to "Dog", and "Daddy", she has now added these few...
"ee-ee" (kitty)
"oss" (off)
"ut" (up)
"wa dis?" (what's this?)
and my proud favorite.... "MOM"!!! Yes, she finally addresses me by the name I have longed to hear! Hooray!

Okay, well I'm back to work tonight for the weekend and considering I have this lovely cold, I'm sure I'm going to feel just stellar (sense the sarcasm?). So, I'm headed off to nap-time, hopefully Lila and the little kick-boxer inside me, will let me rest for a little over an hour! Happy Friday all!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Awake at 2:30am?? What?

I have no idea why I can't sleep....

Had a good productive weekend, was exhausted at 9pm... awake by 12:30 and mind going a mile a minute. Geez, could I please just take advantage of my week off where I actually CAN sleep a solid 8 hours (minus a few potty breaks, thank you 3rd trimester).

Oh well, since I'm up, I figured I'd share the recent happenings of the Volovsek family... (I know you're all dying of suspense)!

Hmmm, what first? Well, last week I worked Monday-Wednesday and while it was pretty crazy, I had such a great team of ladies working with me... I honestly didn't mind all that much. My legs were protesting with some pretty awesome charlie-horse cramps at night, but whatever?!

The weekend went quickly as usual, but Ryan was on a mission to get some much needed work done in our sub-garage (aka : the man's room, or his workshop), so both Friday night and yesterday his Dad was down helping him out, and Saturday my Dad took a shift! They got a lot accomplished, even though it doesn't look like much.

It was fun to have my Dad here on Saturday too, even though he was in the basement with Ry most of the time. He picked my sister up from school on his way down, so I got to visit with her and Lila got some snuggle time with her Auntie! (She liked clomping around in Alex's shoes too!)

Yesterday, my mother-in-law, Barb, came down as well and bless her heart helped me clean up around my house!!! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! I'm not sure my kitchen would even get the cleaning attention it needed if it weren't for that lady!

Other news, we moved Lila downstairs to her "big girl" room last night! She's still in her crib and will stay there until it can no longer contain her, but we thought she should at least have time to transition to the change of scenery! The room doesn't look like much now, but thanks to a cute new duvet, and some small purchases from, it will be darling in no time!! I'll post pics when it's a little more put-together!

Lastly, then I swear I'll stop rambling.... our other lady of the house, miss Rio, FINALLY went into heat. (notice the stylin' diaper and duct tape in the picture!?!) What does this mean? Well, it means that Ryan and I are pretty much insane and have made the decision to breed her this cycle. Why are we crazy??? Well, lets do some math... she will meet up with her "baby-daddy" this week and dogs typically have a 9 week gestation. I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant.... 10 to go. Hmmm, what does this mean? That Ryan and I have VOLUNTARILY taken on the task of having a toddler, a newborn, and a litter of puppies at our house, all at the SAME TIME!!! I must be a whack-job! Ah well, as my sister-in-law says... "Go big or go home!"

This is just a random video I found that Ryan took one night I was at work! Thought it was cute! Don't mind the super healthy dinner of hot-dogs and chips, or the total "Ace Ventura" hair-do she's rockin'!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The weekend review

This is gonna be a quick one, as I work tonight and would love to catch a quick nap while Lila is down.

We spent our weekend in Pequot Lakes, MN at a cabin of some friends of ours. Ryan was thrilled to get to spend a little "guy time" with his friend Bjorn. They spent a good chunk of time both Saturday and Sunday tearing around on some high-tech fancy new snowmobiles that Bjorn's uncle was kind enough to loan to them! He really had a great time!

Bjorn's wife, KJ, and I spent time with our girls around the cabin and took in a short trip to Nisswa to check out the shops. The weather on Saturday was GORGEOUS (I couldn't resist snapping some pictures), and it felt really good to be outside. The girls are only a few months apart, so it was fun to watch the two of them interact. Vega is not quite walking yet and Lila really wasn't too keen on being a support post, but other than that, they get along great!

I'm back to work tonight for 3 nights of labor and delivery joy, so I'm going to go try to sneak in some Zzzz's! Happy Monday all!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I know it's a little early, but we're heading out of town this weekend, so I figured I'd better get it done!

We are finally all healthy (knock on wood), and feeling generally pretty good! I worked this week, but it was not my usual schedule. I pulled a day shift yesterday so I could finish up some training at work, and thankfully all went well and I'm officially cleared to work in the OR! Not that I'm joyously anticipating that part of my job, but it does feel good to be a little more "well rounded" and useful. I don't like being a weak link.

As much as everyone is complaining about the weather, I'm honestly not really minding it. Yeah, we've had snow and the weather has been cold, but C'mon... it's middle of February in we REALLY expect sunshine and 50 degrees? I'll start whining about the cold weather when I have to wear my winter jacket at Easter!

Well, I'm off to take a quick shower then to get things packed, prepped, and ready for the weekend. (much easier to do when your little one in napping!) Have a great weekend and again
Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh.... almost forgot... I also have to wish my Mom and Alan a Happy Anniversary this weekend! Hope you guys have a great day, love you both so much!

Friday, February 5, 2010

cough, sniff, cough.... repeat

Will it ever end???

Seriously, I feel like my baby has been sick ALL winter. I was thrilled that she finally seemed to be healthy for over a week, then Tuesday came along and that thought went down the drain :(
So, Lila is sick again.

I did take her to the pediatrician on Wednesday, even though I wasn't too concerned. She has a nasty cough and woke up with a mild fever, but seemed in most part, her usual spunky self. Of course, it was "just a virus" and Tylenol and time would take care of it. I thought she was feeling a little better yesterday after sleeping better Tuesday night (thanks to Benadryl, Motrin, Vicks, and a humidifier), but she woke again this morning with a temp of 102.5 and obviously feeling rotten. Poor baby.

I've never felt so helpless as when this little girl looks up at me, big tears rolling down her rosy cheeks, boogers everywhere (sorry, but it's the truth), and I can't do anything for her, but hold her. It absolutely breaks my heart. To top it off.... I have to go back to work tonight for my long 6 out of 7 day stretch. That means I have to entrust all my "snuggle and comfort" skill to Daddy. Now, not to say that Ryan won't take the very best care of her, but as a mom, you still feel that only you can do it the BEST way.

Well, she's finally napping, so I'm gonna grab a shower and maybe a quick nap myself. Hope everyone has a good, HEALTHY Friday

Monday, February 1, 2010

Zoo and stuff

So today Lila and I went to the zoo. We haven't been in a few months and I figured it might be a nice little outing! She's at an age where when it's not too crowded, I can let her just wander and see what she see's. It was too cold to do much outdoor stuff, but fun to be inside anyway. Her expression was so funny... like she just wasn't sure what to make of everything. Of course, she got the most excited when the wolves came real close to the window... "DOG" "woof, woof".... Of course ;)

The weekend was quick, but pretty nice. Got a few household tasks accomplished and more importantly, got in some good sleep!! Woo Hoo! I don't know why I ever thought sleep was boring... let me tell you, I'm going to soak up as many Zzzzz's as I can before Baby #2 shows up because then it'll be months before I remember the meaning to that word!

I wanted to throw out a quick Congratulations to my co-worker Shannon and her hubby, Nick on their new arrival! Calvin came a little early so he's a bit small, 4lb 2oz, but it sounds like everyone is doing pretty well and from the pictures I've seen, he's absolutely DARLING! So Congrats again guys, can't wait to sneak into SCN for a peek at the little man!I also threw in a picture and quick video of a new hobby of hers.... wearing our shoes! Such a funny girl!

Now, play time's over, gotta actually get a few things done before Ryan gets home! Happy Monday!