Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A break

I needed a break.  For some reason, I just didn't have the flow to get anything
up here for a few months.  It's been a strange start to the year; not bad, not good...
But our littlest is having a birthday soon, and it's giving me a little spur in my ass
to get back on track with this.  
I enjoy looking back so so much, and really... this is for me and our family, so I'll
do what I can and let it be a reflection of where I am during that period of life.  

So, I'll give you just a little taste of what's happened in the past few months


So, it was cold.  But sometimes could be a little pretty too.

When it's cold out, you stay inside and snuggle.  Puppies are good for that.

You also bake cookies and Sh*#... because you can.  It doesn't count if you don't lick the beaters.

Perhaps you go out to a comedy show with two gorgeous ladies to celebrate a birthday

and then go out to a comedy show with the hubby because the first one was so funny!

Friend sleepovers are awesome.  All the girls love to snuggle up! 

 Getting out and doing a little swimming feels pretty awesome too when you get sick of the snow!

This is Lila's royal self portrait.  I think it's pretty royal!

I discovered that Ryan is pretty good at pottery.  I also discovered that I suck at it. 
But it was fun.  (and who really needs to be good at pottery anyway?!)

We don't do much for Valentines, and I worked that night... but you better believe
our little love bugs celebrated!! Oh how I love them!

It continued to snow.  But it warmed up a bit, which everyone appreciated!

Ryan and I went to an outdoor hockey game which was pretty fun!

This meant the girls got an overnight with Auntie Alex and Uncle Tone-Tone
They were excited about that!

Lila started her downward slide of health.  She was such a trooper, 
but had a really rough February.  Bladder/kidney infections really slow a girl down

Child Labor.  Cuz that's how we roll.
(we tore down the atrocious wildlife stamped wood trim in our basement and replaced
it with respectable and lovely neutral wood trim! Thank you Ryan)

We had some beautiful, warm weather to be outside and watch friends run around St. Patty's Day.

The following weekend I ran a race with a friend and the weather sucked.  Serious. 35degree temp
change in 7 days.  #sucky  But we survived, so thumbs up!

At least someone enjoyed the reappearance of winter

Lila continued to battle some sickness.  Kidney infection was followed by the stomach bug, and hot on the heels of that was a wicked head cold.  Poor thing couldn't catch a break.
 how can this not melt your heart?!

When you feel better you play chess with Daddy!

I have started trying new things.  See previously mentioned Pottery.  
I also decided to take a pole dancing class.  Basically, it was awesome.   

We went out with Ryan's family to celebrate! His family is crazy.  
But they're pretty fun too!!!

Easter was pretty low key, as I worked all weekend.  But we dyed eggs
And the bunny came.  And we snuggled a bit!

These are the things that make being a mom worth absolute everything!  #happyheart

Ryan and I had a fun little date out with our neighbors... the show at Bryant Lake Bowl was less than impressive, but overall, it made for a good story and funny addition to our night!

This is how you survive family gatherings!

Ok, so that's 3.5months in a nutshell.  With Elle's birthday around the corner, I feel like maybe I'll
work a little harder to get back to keeping this up.. but no promises!