Friday, July 31, 2009


Mary O'Keefe went to heaven yesterday. A little over a year from her diagnosis of Neuroblastoma, she left us and went to be with God. She was an amazing little fighter and will be desperately missed by all who knew her. Keep her family in your prayers and be thankful for all the little miracles and blessings in your life.
You can read her story at
This picture is from a few weeks ago. My co-workers collected money for this little photo shoot at Glamour Shots for Mary and Christine.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Boone!

Our big boy turned 3 today! Ok, so I know he's "just a dog"... but he was our first "baby" and the best wedding present Ryan and I could ask for! (We picked him up on our way home from our honeymoon!) Happy Birthday big guy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Monday

Sorry, it's been awhile since I've posted but it's been a weird week. The previous weekend had been busy, but good. Ryan had a bachelor party in SD, and I went to visit with my Dad. The weather wasn't great, but it was still nice to see him!
The week was tough at work, after getting little Mary's prognosis, everyone was kind of gloomy as you would expect. However, I was so happy to witness how great my co-workers are. As soon as the news came out, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was figuring out ways to help support this family. It was great to see how loving all these women are. I really do work with a great bunch of ladies! There was a garage sale last Thursday and it had such a great outcome, that WCCO news did a special on it, and they had another sale on Saturday! I continue to ask for prayers for this family as they work through the months ahead.
This weekend was good and I was thrilled to have the whole weekend with Ryan and Lila. On Saturday we went to our friends' daughter's 3rd B-day party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYLEIGH ROO!!!! (Heather, can't wait to see you guys again, sorry we couldn't stay longer!) Lila got pretty cranky because she was tired, but we had a good time anyway! They had a slip n' slide set up that Lila thought was pretty cool! That evening, Ryan and I just enjoyed our night together and got some good sleep! Yesterday was wonderful and quite productive! We had been invited to a family pool party at my Aunt Colleen's house and ended up deciding not to go. I'm sorry I missed the family, but I'm openly admitting that I'm very selfish about my time with Ryan and Lila, and having a whole day, AT HOME, to be together and get stuff done... well, I just couldn't pass it up. It's pretty rare in my world, so I take what I can get. Sounds like everyone had a good time hopefully, I will get a chance to see everyone soon!
I now have the week off, and am very much looking forward to it. Today however, I'm feeling a little "off". Not really sure what my deal is, but can't quite get moving. Bit of a headache, tired, you know... but I'm gonna get a cup of coffee, throw in a load of laundry, snuggle my baby for a bit before her nap, then head outside with Boone and Rio to putz with my flowers. Have a great Monday! I have also added a little video of Lila clicking her tongue, it's her new thing to do! Fun huh?
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, on your own intelligence rely not; In all your ways be mindful of Him and he will make straight your paths." Psalm 3: 5-6

Monday, July 20, 2009

With a heavy heart

I had every intention of doing a nice little update tonight on all the little trivial things in my life right now, however, when I got to work tonight I got some terrible news that has put a different feeling in my heart. I've written previously of my co-workers little girl, Mary, who has been fighting Neuroblastoma for a year. Today, we got the news that her second round of chemo is not working, they are stopping treatment (other than that needed for comfort), and give her around a month to live.
I am sick, my heart is so broken for this family. I can barely stand to think of the pain and sorrow they must be experiencing. I called Ryan shortly after hearing the news and told him to give Lila lots of extra love tonight. She is my sun, moon, and stars and the thought of losing her is simply more than I can stand.
Pray for this family. Pray for your own healthy families. Love unconditionally. Give those special people an extra hug and kiss tonight. Good night

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Past few days

Not much exciting news, but I thought I'd make a quick update as things are going to get busier over the next week or so.
I worked over the weekend, so Ryan had Miss Lila to himself for the most part. Not that he doesn't like spending time with her, but he has this paranoia about keeping her quiet since I sleep during the day. Guess what? She's 9 months old, and a total chatterbox... I have very little expectation of her staying quiet! I tried to explain that very few night nurses get the privilege of going home to a totally quiet and dark home, but he still stresses about it. Ok... HONEY, it doesn't bother me if Lila makes noise on the weekends... you still are doing a great job! During the days this weekend he tried to take her on some "outings" for awhile at least... that seemed to help! (Both him and her!)
Speaking of Lila, I failed to mention that she had her 9 month checkup last week and as expected, she's doing great! 21.4lbs and 29 in tall. YIKES, she has already TRIPLED her birth weight, what??? I think we finally found a pediatrician that we are happy with and he was wonderful with Lila. She did get a few shots, but all is well. She is crawling like a little speed-demon and cruising along furniture and behind her walker so well. I can't believe how quick she gets around!
This weekend is BBQ days in good ole' Belle Plaine, and since I have lived in the town, I have worked that weekend, and this is the first time I'm off! However.... Ryan has to be gone, and honestly I'm not delighted about it, but oh well... I'll manage. He is taking Friday off to spend with me and the babe, and I'm going to see my Dad on Saturday. I've heard there's a pretty good fireworks display on Sunday night, so hopefully, he'll be home for that!
I hope everyone has a great week and weekend, take care!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Stuff

Here is another video of Miss Lila laughing! I just have to share it... she's just too stinkin' cute! Can you tell she loves her puppies??!!
(sorry the quality is a little grainy... I had to shrink it so it would upload)
Things have been pretty good the last few days, I must say! Got the house cleaned, laundry is all done, made some yummy new dinners, hit the zoo, not too shabby! I'm back to work tomorrow for my long stretch, so this relaxing time was much needed. I did take Lila's 9 month pictures and you can see some of them below. I'm starting to get the hang of my camera and new lens, hopefully I keep getting better... ya gotta move quick, cause she does!

Lila's 9 month pictures

Here are just a few of her 9 month pictures. She wasn't terribly cooperative or generous in the smiling, but hey, I'll take what I can get!
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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Long Weekend

Well I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, we did! Thursday was a LOOOOONNNGGG day for me, and by 9pm that night, I'm not even sure I was coherant... but I made it through my stretch of hell and was looking at a long weekend with my family!
Friday we spent the day with my mom and Alan on the boat. It was Lila's first time out and she did.. OK... She really didn't like her lifejacket, and didn't even like having her toes dipped in the water, but she didn't have any major meltdowns, so we made it. In all honesty, I was in top form either (sorry Mom). I was still super-tired from the past few days and Lila's crankiness added to my crankiness... and so on. However, as long as I wasn't in her line of sight that day, she was just a peach! Ha! The mother-daughter relationship at it's best, right? J/K It was a good day, I just hope the weather is a smidge nicer and I've got a little more sleep next time we go out!
PS. Thank you Ryan for being so wonderfully tolerant of me in all my cranktastic glory!

Saturday was a pretty mellow 4th for us. We puttered around the house, then spent the late afternoon and evening at our friend Jake's house until we went to fireworks. Lila was a very good girl all things considered and even was awake to watch the fireworks! I have to say, I LOVE fireworks, they make me so happy.... but this year's were far and away the best! Why? Because I got to watch the most amazing expression of awe on my daughters face while holding her in my arms during the show! She wasn't afraid at all and the look on her face was more beautiful than any sparkler I've ever seen!! Perfect.... plain and simple!

The last two days were spent around the house. Lila finally had a full night's sleep last night (translate.... I had a full night's sleep... hooray!) We went to a small park in Jordan and let the pups play in the water. Lila, who hasn't been a big fan of water up to this point, also enjoyed playing in the water! It took her a bit, but I think she liked it, especially when she started splashing around! So Cute!

I'm currently sitting at work... bored beyond belief (but getting paid, so I'm not complaining at all!) I just picked up a quick 4 hour shift and then I'm off again until Friday, so Hooray for me and another stretch off! Lila has her 9 month pediatrician apt tomorrow, shots and all, but other than that little hiccup... the week should be pretty tip-top. Give me a call if anyone wants to hang out! Have a great week!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We wish everyone a very happy, fun, and safe 4th of July weekend!

All for the green

Seriously, I must be some kind of sadist...

I spent all day on Monday, awake with Lila, then went to work for my usual 12 hour shift. In the effort of saving time and some money, I did grocery shopping on the way home Tuesday morning, so only managed about 4 1/2 hours of sleep before heading back to work. I walked into absolute chaos at work and ended up staying for 16 hours instead of just 12. This meant I didn't get home again and in bed until just before 1pm yesterday. At 4:30pm when Ryan and Lila got home, I was awakened to the pure sweetness of Lila's smiling face just inches from mine and her chubby little hand patting my cheek! After a mere 3 1/2 hours of sleep, this was probably the best thing to wake up to! Regardless, it was still near impossible to drag my sorry butt out of bed, and get ready to do another 12, followed up by staying up with Lila on Thursday.

I am now in the middle of my last 12 hour shift... still 6 hours to go and wondering what the heck I was thinking when I decided to add an extra 4 crazy hours to my current 36 in 3 days?!? Oh, that's right... the green stuff. It looks so good in theory, but right now, I'm just not sure it's enough, bah! Oh well, I'm tough (I think). Thank goodness that after tonight I'm off the holiday weekend!

Now, back to work... better get another cup of coffee...