Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Memorial Weekend

Even with the crummy cold weather, our Memorial Weekend 
has been very enjoyable!
Both Ryan and I had Friday off, so we spent the day
(the only day with some sun) 
outside doing some work around the house.
I even enjoyed a mid-morning Bloody Mary, just because I could!
It was yummy!
I had a nice run in my brand spanking new running shoes!
(yes, I run now... and I can't believe I'm saying this, but... I actually kinda like it!)

That night we had some friends come over and we had ourselves a little Scrabble battle.
I will share with you that "Braining" is an actual word, and it was helpful in our demise of the opposing team!!! Mwahahaha!!!!
Saturday was started off in a lazy and luxurious fashion!
I didn't roll my butt out of bed until after 7am! It was fabulous!
The first big excitement of that day was purchasing not just the 
ONE bike we needed, but also picking up one for the little runt too!
I mean, how can you make a 3 year old who has fallen in love with a
cute pink monkey bike, watch as her big sister gets a new bike and she doesn't?!
 Sooooo...... BOTH of our girls walked out with shiny new bikes!
Pink and sparkles with glittery streamers... What more could one want in a bike?!

We then headed over to our friends home and let the collective 5 little girls
run amok, while the adults sat and caught up, as we haven't seen each other
since New Years!
As always, Heather and Jason, it was great to see you guys!
Lets not wait 5 months before we see you again!

Goofy girls!!!
Yesterday was a lazy day.  Cold, windy, and rainy,
most of the day was spent inside.
We had popcorn and a movie (gotta love Peter Pan)
 We did attempt to get out and ride our new bikes,
but it was short-lived, as the rain started coming down again
about 10 minutes after we went out.

Today, I did my very first morning run and my very first 3 miles!
I realize this is no big deal to many people, but it's a very big deal to me!
After showering and getting everyone ready, we hit the road again to spend
the day with my family!

It was relaxed and enjoyable.  We had some bloodies, shish-kabobs, and
in honor of the day, my mom made a Flag cake! We broke out the Scrabble board
again while the girls were napping, and I will say that although my mom has
less-than-stellar scorekeeping abilities, Ryan and I won hands down!!! Haha!
(also learned that Fido is an acceptable Scrabble word, but it means " a defective coin", 
not quite what I was thinking, but whatever... we'll take the points!)

Tomorrow is back to reality after a lovely long weekend with the people I love most!

And of course, I want to take a moment to reflect on the meaning of today.
To all those who have given so much of themselves for the rights and freedoms
we have, and often take for granted, we thank you.
From the bottom of our hearts, with all our respect and gratitude, Thank You!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elle ~ 3 year pics

So, I'm a little behind this year.

Every year, on their birthdays, I take the girls out and snap a few (or a million) photos of them.
To capture who there are right then.
But this year, aside from the fact that life was busy...
I really like outdoor photos and the weather, lets just say it,  it SUCKED!

Although my subject is beautiful, a little green color and sunshine does wonders for a portrait.
Dead grass, leafless trees, and cloudy gray skies.... blah.

I had a little time with the special little 3 year old, about a week and a half ago.

We dropped off big sister at preschool and ran across the street to the park.
It wasn't great weather, but I felt like too much time was slipping by and I needed to make
sure I took the time for her! 
She was her usual sweet and funny self.  
She posed, and then didn't.  And after 5 minutes, she wanted to go play, but
was a good girl and tolerated me for at least another 15min.
Then I followed her around as she played on the swings, and the twirly bars, and the slides!
And when it got too windy and cold, we called it quits and went and sat at Caribou together
until it was time to pick Lila up!

Elaina is our baby, but growing up so fast.
Equally exciting and terrifying for a parent
She is smart and funny and snuggly.
She is also a stinker and in the middle of a terrible phase of tantrums
(lets pray that is short-lived)
This little girl is a wonder and we love her more than words can say!

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mothers Day

Yesterday I was greeted with quiet snuggles and affections.
Lila and Ryan made me some breakfast and coffee, while
my little E snuggled in bed with me.
A peanut butter and egg sandwich, an orange and a hot cup of coffee...
a pretty great way to wake up!

The whole day was laid back and relaxed.  Exactly as I hoped it would be.
I got a good workout in, as well as a run.  We spent time outside and had a nice dinner
complete with warm chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream for dessert!
An early bedtime and a great nights sleep rounded out a wonderful day!
Looking less than thrilled, but the best shot of all 4 "kids" that I could manage!

Each year on Mother's Day, I count myself among the blessed.
I have two wonderful reasons to be included in this day!
My girls challange me, and I often daydream about lazy mornings, quiet days, and
wild nights. Back to a time when my house stayed clean for longer than 10 minutes.
When I knew the concept of having time to myself....
But then I wake up to two beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed girls, whispering
"Happy Mothers Day Mommy" and lavishing me with hugs and kisses...
how can I not feel on top of the world?!
They are my greatest gifts, and they make my heart whole!

To all the Mothers, Mamas, Mommy's out there, I hope you had a day filled with love!
To the special women in my life that hold that title, I love you and wish you all the happiness
these little buggers bring ;)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This and That

I'm a Minnesotan.  
Have been all my life.
I know the weather here is eratic and often leaves much to be desired.

However, the past few years of mild winters and early springs have spoiled me, 
so this year...

Well, this year sucked.
Snow from November to May? Honestly?  

But yesterday I felt like the warm weather is finally here to stay.
I look at my forcast for the week and don't see a single temp in the 40's!
This is cause for celebration in my book!

Ryan was gone for 4 days, traveling for work over the weekend, and with the crummy
weather and sick kids, I was in great need of the glorious sunshine that graced us yesterday!

I'm ready for more today!

So here is the wrap up from the end of April and into May!
Sorry... there's a lot.

heard that.
Took this thinking (hoping) it would be the last snow!
Warm and sun

Then more snow

Dealing with the weird weather has made us all a little goofy
Spent some time at Grandma and Grandpa's.... Legos are the best!
Ryan and I played scrabble for the first time.  I was killing him until he pulled out a TRIPLE WORD score... :(
Chocolate is so smart
The view out my window on May 3rd... you have GOT to be joking!

A picture Lila drew at preschool of her and I... ???  ummm....

Ryan was in Talledaga for work for 4 days.... boy did we miss him.

But we hit up the zoo... always a Thumbs up!
And had some popcorn and watched The Lion King

I spy a cute little deer.... The dang suckers are going to wind up in my freezer if they don't quit eating the buds off my apple tree!!!!

Sun and warm weather.... Please PLEASE stay with us!  
Thank you.  
Sincerely, the entire state of Minnesota!