Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elle ~ 3 year pics

So, I'm a little behind this year.

Every year, on their birthdays, I take the girls out and snap a few (or a million) photos of them.
To capture who there are right then.
But this year, aside from the fact that life was busy...
I really like outdoor photos and the weather, lets just say it,  it SUCKED!

Although my subject is beautiful, a little green color and sunshine does wonders for a portrait.
Dead grass, leafless trees, and cloudy gray skies.... blah.

I had a little time with the special little 3 year old, about a week and a half ago.

We dropped off big sister at preschool and ran across the street to the park.
It wasn't great weather, but I felt like too much time was slipping by and I needed to make
sure I took the time for her! 
She was her usual sweet and funny self.  
She posed, and then didn't.  And after 5 minutes, she wanted to go play, but
was a good girl and tolerated me for at least another 15min.
Then I followed her around as she played on the swings, and the twirly bars, and the slides!
And when it got too windy and cold, we called it quits and went and sat at Caribou together
until it was time to pick Lila up!

Elaina is our baby, but growing up so fast.
Equally exciting and terrifying for a parent
She is smart and funny and snuggly.
She is also a stinker and in the middle of a terrible phase of tantrums
(lets pray that is short-lived)
This little girl is a wonder and we love her more than words can say!

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