Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mothers Day

Yesterday I was greeted with quiet snuggles and affections.
Lila and Ryan made me some breakfast and coffee, while
my little E snuggled in bed with me.
A peanut butter and egg sandwich, an orange and a hot cup of coffee...
a pretty great way to wake up!

The whole day was laid back and relaxed.  Exactly as I hoped it would be.
I got a good workout in, as well as a run.  We spent time outside and had a nice dinner
complete with warm chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream for dessert!
An early bedtime and a great nights sleep rounded out a wonderful day!
Looking less than thrilled, but the best shot of all 4 "kids" that I could manage!

Each year on Mother's Day, I count myself among the blessed.
I have two wonderful reasons to be included in this day!
My girls challange me, and I often daydream about lazy mornings, quiet days, and
wild nights. Back to a time when my house stayed clean for longer than 10 minutes.
When I knew the concept of having time to myself....
But then I wake up to two beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed girls, whispering
"Happy Mothers Day Mommy" and lavishing me with hugs and kisses...
how can I not feel on top of the world?!
They are my greatest gifts, and they make my heart whole!

To all the Mothers, Mamas, Mommy's out there, I hope you had a day filled with love!
To the special women in my life that hold that title, I love you and wish you all the happiness
these little buggers bring ;)

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