Monday, January 21, 2013

All better

I was just going through a few pictures before I get back to the cleaning 
and felt like I just needed to share these.

I'm sure I've mentioned more than once, how much Miss Elaina loves her babies.
Especially her Lucy.  Lucy is now a little over a year old and has many miles on her.
Lucy also, however, had a bum hand and foot courtesy of our dogs, and to this point
has been sporting a "band-aid" of medical tape.
This has sufficed until recently when Elle has started doing clothing changes about
a billion times a day.

So, we finally made the decision to send Lucy to "the hospital" to get her owies fixed.
She was gone a whole 9 days, and Elle asked each of those 9 days if Lucy was
coming home yet.

When Lucy arrived home from the hospital, in her patient gown and cap,
Elaina's face was about as perfect and priceless as it gets!!!
"Oh Mommy!!! She's Home! My Lucy is home!"
Snuggles, and kisses ensued and she has been close at hand since!

Seriously.  How stinkin' cute is that?!
SO worth the $32 "hospital fee"!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

It is Minnesota after all...

Last weekend was great!
We enjoyed the warm temps and sunshine by spending time both outside and in.
Making progress on our home, and playing with our girls!
In case you were wondering... a roll of carpet pad makes an excellent Horse!

We have a hill in our backyard and for the first time, we took advantage of it!
The tube now has a hole in it, and the sled cracked when it hit a rock, but the 
good ole' Fleet Farm tobaggans have held up, so I hope this won't be our last
sledding adventure of the year.

The girls then wanted to shovel, so while they "worked",
Ryan and I sat in the porch chairs (yes, we still haven't put the patio furniture away.)
and basked in the sunshine!
I felt like I needed a froofy drink with a little hot pink umbrella!
Then Boone decided he should be a lap dog.
It happens.

This weekend has also been great!
The temperature however, leaves something to be desired.
I know this is Minnesota, but geez... 
There was no dipping our toes in, just to get used to it.
This was a full-on Cannonball into the freezing temps.

My sister-in-law, Kim and her family took Lila and Elle to their house for the 
weekend.  So from Friday night, until about an hour ago,  Ryan and I were each
others only responsibility! 
It was fabulous!
Hockey, sleeping in, quiet coffee, lunch/dinner date, a movie, drinks, fun!
P.F. Changs ~ Sesame chicken!

With the wind blowing outside, my family is asleep.  I'm going to sit and read quietly
with a cup of joe in my hands, before going to make some homemade chicken soup!
That sounds perfect to me on this icy cold winter day!
(but anytime summer feels like showing up, both Lila and I will be quite happy!)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Looking forward to 2013

I'm happy!
The year has started with me being able to take my first true
deep breath in 8 months!  
I'm happy to be moving forward in my life~
Things are changing.

I was taking a peek at a few of my friends blogs the other day and I
noticed a common theme...
lack of posts.
It appears to me that I'm not the only one who has stepped away
from the computer in lieu of actually be a part of their family!
I've still got my camera close at hand, snapping away when the mood
strikes, or when the moment is right...
but I'm not going to share all those moments.
Not because they aren't worthy, but because I don't want to miss something
else by being absorbed by my computer!

I've got a handful of photos from the holidays I'm going to throw out, 
because there are some family members that actually look to this for updates.
And yes, I will continue to post... probably just a little less frequently.
I have plans for this year!
2013 is going to be a good one!

~On the 23rd, we had my Dad, and his family at our home for the celebration! 
It was fun to see the girls play with their cousins, and so good to visit with 
my stepsisters and their families!~

~Christmas Eve day was spent with my Mom and Alan.
We had a good day, great lunch, fun gift opening, and the girls
even did quite well through Mass.  Then it was home for 
"The Night Before Christmas" and milk and cookies!~
They were a little wild!
2 different kinds of cookies, white milk (because that's why Santa likes), and 8 carrots!

The girls must have been pretty good this year!

~Christmas morning was a flurry of wrapping paper, and
squeals of excitment! We never got out of our pajamas and watched
a movie as a family, complete with popcorn to finish the night!
It was dang near Perfect!~

 ~On the 29th we had our final Christmas at my Uncle Bert's.  
My sister was sick, so we missed her, but it was fun seeing some family
we don't get to see often! ~

What is it about boxes that draw kids in?  All the toys you could want... and they pile into a box!
 Cheers to 2013!
Happy Year to you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome New Year

This has been an odd year.
So many changes in our home.

I look forward to a year of steady... 
a year of happy,
a year of good!

I hope all those things for your New Year too!

I have nothing to do today but clean up my kitchen, and chill... so I should post some of the million photos I've taken over the course of the holidays.

I'm going to take a nap instead.

Holiday photos will have to wait!