Saturday, January 5, 2013

Looking forward to 2013

I'm happy!
The year has started with me being able to take my first true
deep breath in 8 months!  
I'm happy to be moving forward in my life~
Things are changing.

I was taking a peek at a few of my friends blogs the other day and I
noticed a common theme...
lack of posts.
It appears to me that I'm not the only one who has stepped away
from the computer in lieu of actually be a part of their family!
I've still got my camera close at hand, snapping away when the mood
strikes, or when the moment is right...
but I'm not going to share all those moments.
Not because they aren't worthy, but because I don't want to miss something
else by being absorbed by my computer!

I've got a handful of photos from the holidays I'm going to throw out, 
because there are some family members that actually look to this for updates.
And yes, I will continue to post... probably just a little less frequently.
I have plans for this year!
2013 is going to be a good one!

~On the 23rd, we had my Dad, and his family at our home for the celebration! 
It was fun to see the girls play with their cousins, and so good to visit with 
my stepsisters and their families!~

~Christmas Eve day was spent with my Mom and Alan.
We had a good day, great lunch, fun gift opening, and the girls
even did quite well through Mass.  Then it was home for 
"The Night Before Christmas" and milk and cookies!~
They were a little wild!
2 different kinds of cookies, white milk (because that's why Santa likes), and 8 carrots!

The girls must have been pretty good this year!

~Christmas morning was a flurry of wrapping paper, and
squeals of excitment! We never got out of our pajamas and watched
a movie as a family, complete with popcorn to finish the night!
It was dang near Perfect!~

 ~On the 29th we had our final Christmas at my Uncle Bert's.  
My sister was sick, so we missed her, but it was fun seeing some family
we don't get to see often! ~

What is it about boxes that draw kids in?  All the toys you could want... and they pile into a box!
 Cheers to 2013!
Happy Year to you!

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