Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Catherine

Happy 1st Birthday to a very special little girl.
She's the daughter of a dear friend that holds a special place in my heart.

What a wonderful day!
Catherine, you are truly a blessing!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Hot day and some Bubbles

Yesterday was one of those hot ones.
Where the sun bakes you and you long to be by/in/on the water.

We, unfortunately, were NOT by/in/on the water, 
but my girls still had a little fun!

For a mere $3.99 each, I purchased two of these fun little
battery opperated bubble guns! 
We've had them in the past and the girls love them!
So, out came the bubbles and they spent a large chunk of the late 
afternoon in the hot sun, running around chasing bubbles!

Not a bad way to spend a summer day!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

So relaxing!
A little time with my family and some snuggles with Daddy tonight!

To my Dad, my StepDad, my Father in Law... We Love You!!!
To all those friends and family of ours who have the privlege of holding the "DAD" title,
we hope you had a wonderful day!

And to the man who shares the greatest adventure of our lives with me... 
Words don't begin to tell you how much I love and adore you! You are an amazing father to our girls
and a blessing to our entire family!
Happy Fathers Day!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last weekend

Last weekend Ryan and I were able to have our girls stay with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Rich so we could go and help our friends work on their cabin over in Wisconsin!
Plumbing, electrical, and priming their newly installed sheetrock was all on the agenda, 
and I do believe, we got A LOT done! 

Temporary Kitchen Sink!  No more washing dishes in the tub!!! Hooray!

We be Rollin'

Break time.

or nap time?

I won't lie and say it was all work and no play!  We had campfires and beverages,
a nice dinner Saturday night, and I even got to play with my camera a little bit!
If it weren't for the hideously uncomfortable air mattress.... things couldn't have been better!
I love these cows

Tried to catch a goose family walking across the road, but caught this instead.

... so pretty...

We rushed out Sunday morning, as I was scheduled to have a photo shoot that morning in the cities.
However... Thank you RAIN :( ... we had to cancel.
So we continued on our way home to get our munchkins and about 10 min from my in-laws
we get a text saying Elle has a fever.  Great.
We arrive to find Elle wrapped in a blanket, looking horrible, and Grandma is running the washing machine.  OH NO!
So, our plan to later visit our friends and their brand new baby... not happening either.
We instead spent the day, on the couch and relaxing.  
And of course cleaning up sheets after they were puked on at naptime.
She got pretty good at hitting the bowl
 Since we were all a little bummin about the day... Lila thought she'd draw us a picture to make us happy!  The problem is... this is drawn in pen.  On a wall in our garage.  
" But Mom... it's to make you and Daddy happy!  Its our family and friends!"
How can that not make you smile? Haha!  It's the thought that counts, right?  
Nothing a little white paint won't cover up.  Or maybe I'll just leave it! :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Good bye May, Hello June ~ can we please have some sunshine NOW?!

Can I ask you a question?
Is anyone else out there having the feeling that you will simply
NEVER get caught up?

I feel like I have so many things I want and NEED to do, 
and there will never be enough time to do get even half of them done!

I was sorting through a few pictures last night after a photo shoot and
realized I have more than a handful of pictures that I haven't done anything with.
The fact I actually TOOK them, is a step in a positive direction, but they
just sit... untouched and not given a glance... :(

So, here are a few.
No particular order.
Just a smattering of memories from the month of May and this last week!

I'm hoping that June can bring some sunshine and motivation to my house!

I had a date with my hubby!  Redstone on a great night~

French Kiss Martini on said Date night~!
snuggles with Daddy

My mom celebrated a Birthday!!! We love you Mom!
My lilacs bloomed!
Riding our new bikes!
My tough biker ;)
ok, so maybe more goofy than tough... but hey, whatever works for ya!

Ryan and I got tired of our boring bed, so... Ryan decided to build a new one!
Nice huh?!  Headboard coming soon!
A very dear friend of ours celebrated the birth of his first child! Congrats Cory, he's perfect! 
Who doesn't love a little Phase 10?
Garbage day is exciting around here!!!
Boone eating a softball - How's that cork taste buddy?!
5 Cousins celebrating a special guys 5th Birthday!  Happy Birthday Chase!
Pink goggles look good on everybody!  Who woulda thunk?!  ;)
Hop-ball racing is a serious event in our house!! 

One of the girls favorite animals at the zoo ~ They are sure gorgeous!
I think she might take the prize though... ;)
The only reason I'm actually getting this post up today is because I'm home with a sick little girl.
Elle is running a fever and can't quite knock it out.  I'll make the most of an unexpected gray day home and tackle some of the hundreds of things on my To-Do list!  
Laundry... here I come!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Last Friday was a special day for our family.

The first graduation, of any kind, we have ever attended for our children.

Small, informal, slightly chaotic... of course.
But adorable, precious, and heart-melting it was also... sigh, sniff, sniff...

Overwhelming sweetness!!!

Lila will attend another year of Preschool, and we have yet to decide where,
but we were very happy with this particular program and those involved in it!