Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last weekend

Last weekend Ryan and I were able to have our girls stay with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Rich so we could go and help our friends work on their cabin over in Wisconsin!
Plumbing, electrical, and priming their newly installed sheetrock was all on the agenda, 
and I do believe, we got A LOT done! 

Temporary Kitchen Sink!  No more washing dishes in the tub!!! Hooray!

We be Rollin'

Break time.

or nap time?

I won't lie and say it was all work and no play!  We had campfires and beverages,
a nice dinner Saturday night, and I even got to play with my camera a little bit!
If it weren't for the hideously uncomfortable air mattress.... things couldn't have been better!
I love these cows

Tried to catch a goose family walking across the road, but caught this instead.

... so pretty...

We rushed out Sunday morning, as I was scheduled to have a photo shoot that morning in the cities.
However... Thank you RAIN :( ... we had to cancel.
So we continued on our way home to get our munchkins and about 10 min from my in-laws
we get a text saying Elle has a fever.  Great.
We arrive to find Elle wrapped in a blanket, looking horrible, and Grandma is running the washing machine.  OH NO!
So, our plan to later visit our friends and their brand new baby... not happening either.
We instead spent the day, on the couch and relaxing.  
And of course cleaning up sheets after they were puked on at naptime.
She got pretty good at hitting the bowl
 Since we were all a little bummin about the day... Lila thought she'd draw us a picture to make us happy!  The problem is... this is drawn in pen.  On a wall in our garage.  
" But Mom... it's to make you and Daddy happy!  Its our family and friends!"
How can that not make you smile? Haha!  It's the thought that counts, right?  
Nothing a little white paint won't cover up.  Or maybe I'll just leave it! :)

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  1. Ana,

    You must leave the garage drawing. That is just precious!!
    I love your blog. I started following it awhile back when you put something on Facebook and I still check in. I LOVE your photos! Speaking through photography makes even the not so fun days seem so memorable and meaningful. You are very talented and inspiring. I'm not interested in photography per se, but your photos and loving words inspire me to enjoy all of life's crazy moments! Thanks for sharing.

    Angie (Nutzman)


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