Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Good bye May, Hello June ~ can we please have some sunshine NOW?!

Can I ask you a question?
Is anyone else out there having the feeling that you will simply
NEVER get caught up?

I feel like I have so many things I want and NEED to do, 
and there will never be enough time to do get even half of them done!

I was sorting through a few pictures last night after a photo shoot and
realized I have more than a handful of pictures that I haven't done anything with.
The fact I actually TOOK them, is a step in a positive direction, but they
just sit... untouched and not given a glance... :(

So, here are a few.
No particular order.
Just a smattering of memories from the month of May and this last week!

I'm hoping that June can bring some sunshine and motivation to my house!

I had a date with my hubby!  Redstone on a great night~

French Kiss Martini on said Date night~!
snuggles with Daddy

My mom celebrated a Birthday!!! We love you Mom!
My lilacs bloomed!
Riding our new bikes!
My tough biker ;)
ok, so maybe more goofy than tough... but hey, whatever works for ya!

Ryan and I got tired of our boring bed, so... Ryan decided to build a new one!
Nice huh?!  Headboard coming soon!
A very dear friend of ours celebrated the birth of his first child! Congrats Cory, he's perfect! 
Who doesn't love a little Phase 10?
Garbage day is exciting around here!!!
Boone eating a softball - How's that cork taste buddy?!
5 Cousins celebrating a special guys 5th Birthday!  Happy Birthday Chase!
Pink goggles look good on everybody!  Who woulda thunk?!  ;)
Hop-ball racing is a serious event in our house!! 

One of the girls favorite animals at the zoo ~ They are sure gorgeous!
I think she might take the prize though... ;)
The only reason I'm actually getting this post up today is because I'm home with a sick little girl.
Elle is running a fever and can't quite knock it out.  I'll make the most of an unexpected gray day home and tackle some of the hundreds of things on my To-Do list!  
Laundry... here I come!

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