Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Teeth, Rocks, and all that other good stuff

So... Hooray! Lila finally has pushed past the 4-teeth limit!!! We now have 7! 3 came through, all at once, and yeah... it wasn't great, but not nearly as bad as I would have imagined! Now, lets just cross our fingers that those two top front teeth straighten out some?!
Apparently, her new love in life is rocks. Yep, rocks! How exciting right? Ha, she stayed with my father in law a week ago and he mentioned that she loved the rocks and even sent her "favorite" one home with her. Ummm, ok.... but truth is, you let her outside and she has now 2 missions. 1)into the garage to find the watering can, 2) over to the rock pile! Well, whatever makes you happy I guess?
Ryan leaves tonight for hunting for a few days, and my mom is going to watch Lila while I'm at work. I hope she's a good girl for grandma and grandpa! It's going to be a really busy month, but should be fun too! I hear the garage door, my 2 greatest loves are home! Gotta run!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The simple things

The week has been a good one.
I've spent quality time with my sweet baby girl and my great husband and what more could one ask for in life? Ryan got to come home from Texas a day earlier than originally planned, which I was thrilled about! We had a nice night at home, even got to watch a movie after the peanut was in bed! I saw a friend of mine I haven't seen in awhile, and we walked around the inside of the zoo with our kiddos yesterday, it was great to catch up! I got all my laundry done, the house is not a total disaster, and so far, my family has managed to avoid any of the fall illness.
I'm sitting here, listening to Lila play quietly in her room before she falls asleep for her nap, and feeling grateful for such a wonderful little girl. We really are blessed with a simply happy, easy child.
I'm sad to go back to work tomorrow and leave my family, but I also have to be grateful that I have a good job, and that I love what I do.
Anyway, it's been a good week, and I'm thankful for the simple things!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Monday!

It's Monday already. How the heck did that happen? Geez, the weekend went by quick! It turned out to be a pretty good weekend though! Ryan had Friday off, and got to take the pups out for some hunting in the morning (not to much to be seen though, I guess). That afternoon, we packed up and headed for Wisconsin to visit my Dad for the weekend! It was a nice visit, as usual. The Johnson girls and my sister came to join us on Saturday and we had a little mini birthday celebration for Lila and Kaiya with LOTS of sweets! (cake, and apple pie, and apple crisp, and of course, ICE CREAM!) Lila got an adorable little talking tea set from the Johnson's, and my Dad, bless his heart made the girls the most fantastic rocking chairs!!! I could have cried! What an awesome gift, something special to keep forever! Thank you Dad! I love you!
Sunday, we had to leave pretty early, cause Ryan had to catch a flight to TX for work. He barely made it, but did safely get on the plane! I miss him already and he hasn't even been gone 24 hours yet. It's a short trip though, he'll be home either Tues or Wed night! After I dropped Ryan off, I went over to my friend Gina's who hosted a wonderful bridal shower for our co-worker Anna! It was fun to see everyone outside of work, and there were lots of little one's there, so that was fun too! Gina has a beautiful home and was a wonderful hostess! Nice Job lady!!
The week should be busy and I'm sure it will fly by quickly, but for now, I'm going to go get my little girl up from her nap, have a little snack and sit and play on the floor! Then we might take a walk in the nice weather before heading out to her 1 year checkup! Have a great Monday!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lila's Birthday and Party

Well, Lila's birthday celebrations were split into 2 separate days. Ryan and I had a little cupcake with her, and let her open a present from us on Tuesday (her actual birthday!). Then yesterday, we had a small get together with her grandparents and god-parents. It was so fun to see everyone yesterday!
Lila was such a trooper too! No afternoon nap, and she never even got cranky. Just kept on playing with her new toys and cousins Calli, Brianna, and Cole! She wasn't too interested in digging into the cake, but liked the taste of it! She has learned recently that when I say something is "HOT", she acts like she's blowing on it to cool it off... I tried telling her the candle was "Hot", but she just stared at me, of course.... until cousin Calli helped her blow it out, then she started puffin'! Haha!
Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who came to visit and celebrate with us! Lila loves all her new toys and I think I'll only have to remove the batteries from one of them to keep my sanity!!
Have a great snowy day (wait, what??)! Take care!

Oh, I have included a video from her actual birthday of her trying to play tug-o-war with Boone!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday

I'll admit from the start that I'm a little weepy today. I simply can't believe a whole year has flown by since the day we welcomed our sweet little girl into our lives! I was feeling it last night too, remembering how we were getting ready to go to the hospital and were SO EXCITED!
Lila has been a constant joy in our lives! She is just the sweetest baby and even on the days when you feel like pulling your hair out, she'll give you one of her silly looks or do something cute that absolutely melts your heart and it makes all that other stuff not really matter.

I love her in so many ways, for so many things. I love her beautiful blonde hair that looks like it's glowing in the sunlight. I love her blue eyes that are the exact shade as her Daddy's. I love the fact that she is an outgoing, independant little person that loves to explore. I love her chubby little cheeks, and hands, and feet. I love her goofy little giggle that sounds like she's laughing at a bad joke! I love her sweet smile, even with her crooked, snaggly teeth... it just makes it that much more adorable! The list could go on and on, but I won't because I'm just about in tears now and you don't need to read any more of my sappiness.

Last year, at 4:54am, after a mere 22 hours of labor, Lila Kate Volovsek was welcomed into this world. She has continued to be a source of love and contentment to me. I know it's cliche', but you truly never understand how you can love one little person so much! She is amazing. Yep, she rocks my world!!! Happy Birthday baby girl! Mommy and Daddy love you SOOOO MUCH!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Stinky

Ok, well there wasn't much good, some was bad, and EVERYTHING is stinky!!! Bah!

So Thursday night, Lila is asleep, and Ryan and I are just about to call it a night. My turn to let the dogs out, so downstairs and out the back door they go. Now, it's raining, so my sissy-boy Boone barely makes it to the grass, and is back inside before you can blink.... Heaven forbid he get wet! Rio on the other hand, decides to take a little stroll and trys to chat it up with a neighborhood SKUNK, who promptly gives her the signal to "LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!"

So I hear a little yip, Rio's tags jingling, and start hollering for her, thinking she's off chasing something or eating something and she barrels back towards the house shaking her head and sneezing. My first thought was that she got bit by something, but as I leaned over to check her out, I got my first whiff of something that made my eyes water and my stomach roll! Driving by a dead skunk on the highway does NOT give you full appreciation for a fresh in-your-face direct hit! Good grief is that smell awful!

Rio goes in her kennel, I run up the stairs for Ryan, Rio gets out of her kennel somehow and wanders the basement. Rio gets shooed up the stairs into the bathroom and lucky me... I get to strip down and do the stinky dance with her. That poor dog got bathed in shampoo, tomato juice (neither of which work), then Listerine (yes, the mouthwash and that helped some...) and finally the magic concoction of baking soda, peroxide, and dishsoap. Meanwhile Ryan's trying to scrub floors, pull out and throw rugs, and try to not throw up! Seriously the most foul encounter I've had in my life. YUCKY!

Since then; my floors have been scrubbed, my carpets deoderized, my furniture and carpet Febreezed, every candle in my house burned, cinnamon baked and boiled on the stove.... not even joking a little. And for once in my career, it's 5:30am and I'm not wanting to go home from work. I know how sucky it's going to be to get home and realize my house still smells like a DAMN skunk! Bahhhhhh.............. Yep, sucks.