Monday, October 12, 2009

Lila's Birthday and Party

Well, Lila's birthday celebrations were split into 2 separate days. Ryan and I had a little cupcake with her, and let her open a present from us on Tuesday (her actual birthday!). Then yesterday, we had a small get together with her grandparents and god-parents. It was so fun to see everyone yesterday!
Lila was such a trooper too! No afternoon nap, and she never even got cranky. Just kept on playing with her new toys and cousins Calli, Brianna, and Cole! She wasn't too interested in digging into the cake, but liked the taste of it! She has learned recently that when I say something is "HOT", she acts like she's blowing on it to cool it off... I tried telling her the candle was "Hot", but she just stared at me, of course.... until cousin Calli helped her blow it out, then she started puffin'! Haha!
Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who came to visit and celebrate with us! Lila loves all her new toys and I think I'll only have to remove the batteries from one of them to keep my sanity!!
Have a great snowy day (wait, what??)! Take care!

Oh, I have included a video from her actual birthday of her trying to play tug-o-war with Boone!


  1. I tried posting a comment on the last post. Hope Lila's birthday was good....and you didn't cry to much!! (wink) Give her a big smooch for me!! Miss you. are you anyways, I texted you a few times but haven't heard back!! Love ya

  2. Oh my oh my- such fun pictures!!! Happy Birthday to little Lila and here's to another year of milestones!!!


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