Thursday, October 22, 2009

The simple things

The week has been a good one.
I've spent quality time with my sweet baby girl and my great husband and what more could one ask for in life? Ryan got to come home from Texas a day earlier than originally planned, which I was thrilled about! We had a nice night at home, even got to watch a movie after the peanut was in bed! I saw a friend of mine I haven't seen in awhile, and we walked around the inside of the zoo with our kiddos yesterday, it was great to catch up! I got all my laundry done, the house is not a total disaster, and so far, my family has managed to avoid any of the fall illness.
I'm sitting here, listening to Lila play quietly in her room before she falls asleep for her nap, and feeling grateful for such a wonderful little girl. We really are blessed with a simply happy, easy child.
I'm sad to go back to work tomorrow and leave my family, but I also have to be grateful that I have a good job, and that I love what I do.
Anyway, it's been a good week, and I'm thankful for the simple things!

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