Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Stinky

Ok, well there wasn't much good, some was bad, and EVERYTHING is stinky!!! Bah!

So Thursday night, Lila is asleep, and Ryan and I are just about to call it a night. My turn to let the dogs out, so downstairs and out the back door they go. Now, it's raining, so my sissy-boy Boone barely makes it to the grass, and is back inside before you can blink.... Heaven forbid he get wet! Rio on the other hand, decides to take a little stroll and trys to chat it up with a neighborhood SKUNK, who promptly gives her the signal to "LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!"

So I hear a little yip, Rio's tags jingling, and start hollering for her, thinking she's off chasing something or eating something and she barrels back towards the house shaking her head and sneezing. My first thought was that she got bit by something, but as I leaned over to check her out, I got my first whiff of something that made my eyes water and my stomach roll! Driving by a dead skunk on the highway does NOT give you full appreciation for a fresh in-your-face direct hit! Good grief is that smell awful!

Rio goes in her kennel, I run up the stairs for Ryan, Rio gets out of her kennel somehow and wanders the basement. Rio gets shooed up the stairs into the bathroom and lucky me... I get to strip down and do the stinky dance with her. That poor dog got bathed in shampoo, tomato juice (neither of which work), then Listerine (yes, the mouthwash and that helped some...) and finally the magic concoction of baking soda, peroxide, and dishsoap. Meanwhile Ryan's trying to scrub floors, pull out and throw rugs, and try to not throw up! Seriously the most foul encounter I've had in my life. YUCKY!

Since then; my floors have been scrubbed, my carpets deoderized, my furniture and carpet Febreezed, every candle in my house burned, cinnamon baked and boiled on the stove.... not even joking a little. And for once in my career, it's 5:30am and I'm not wanting to go home from work. I know how sucky it's going to be to get home and realize my house still smells like a DAMN skunk! Bahhhhhh.............. Yep, sucks.

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