Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Teeth, Rocks, and all that other good stuff

So... Hooray! Lila finally has pushed past the 4-teeth limit!!! We now have 7! 3 came through, all at once, and yeah... it wasn't great, but not nearly as bad as I would have imagined! Now, lets just cross our fingers that those two top front teeth straighten out some?!
Apparently, her new love in life is rocks. Yep, rocks! How exciting right? Ha, she stayed with my father in law a week ago and he mentioned that she loved the rocks and even sent her "favorite" one home with her. Ummm, ok.... but truth is, you let her outside and she has now 2 missions. 1)into the garage to find the watering can, 2) over to the rock pile! Well, whatever makes you happy I guess?
Ryan leaves tonight for hunting for a few days, and my mom is going to watch Lila while I'm at work. I hope she's a good girl for grandma and grandpa! It's going to be a really busy month, but should be fun too! I hear the garage door, my 2 greatest loves are home! Gotta run!

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