Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween... and some other Big News ;)

We hope you had a Halloween filled with some spooky fun! I got together with Ryan's family and took Lila out for her very first Trick-or-Treating night! She was so stinkin' cute as a little pumpkin! Of course, it was pretty chilly out, so she was quite bundled up, but as long as we left her jacket unbuttoned, people got the idea! Ryan was gone pheasant hunting, hopefully he'll be around next year.... since we'll have 2 Trick-or-Treaters!....

Heehee! That's right.... Ryan and I are happy to finally announce that we are expecting Volovsek baby #2! I'm due April 30th, so I'm a little over 14 weeks along. I'm happy to be entering my 2nd trimester as this pregnancy has proved to be a bit tougher than the last. Nothing horrible, just not feeling quite as perky and full of energy... Ok, so not an ounce of perk in me and my energy meter is dangerously in the red zone, but hey.... I'm having a baby, that means I'm AWESOME, and I can handle anything! Just call me MOM!

I'll try to blog a bit more tomorrow, but I'm impatiently waiting for Ryan to get home and have a few things around the house I'd like to do first, and it's nice out, so Lila and I might go for a walk! Have a great day!

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  1. Congratulations! How exciting! Hope you get a little energy back soon!


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