Thursday, May 14, 2015

Elaina's 5 Year photos

I'm sorry... this is going to be photo overload.

Actually, I'm not sorry.  I'm not sorry at all, because this little girl is
amazingly beautiful, and I'm sharing it with you!

The weather and my work schedule finally coordinated well and this past weekend
we were able to take some time to snap some photos of our beautiful 5 year old!
She LOVES being in front of the camera, so it was lots of fun, although looking through
the lens at my daughter, i felt my heart squeezing so tight.  
It wasn't that long ago that she was still this tiny thing wrapped in a blanket, now she's
posing, and sassy, and giving me tips on where I should stand (I'm not joking)! 

Anyway, You're welcome!

Could she BE any more Beautiful?!!!
uh... hm.  

I swear I didn't pose her like this... it's ALL her!  

I don't know whose child this is.  Really, I don't!

Oh how I love her!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May Stuff

May has been good.
Really good!

Busy, but happy and this past week has actually given me some breathing room and time to relax!
We had a BBQ at our home the first weekend, and prior to that we had been busting our butts getting our house ready and finishing projects.  Now that it's over, I'm happy to say I've got no major projects in the works for the foreseeable future! I intend to use the rest of spring and summer just enjoying our home, my family, and doing things that are fun and enjoyable!

Mothers Day weekend was one of the most relaxed we've had in a very long time!  No big events, just time to do stuff together and around the house.  Snuggles on the couch at night, beautiful weather on Saturday to be outside, and I was greeted with coffee, bacon, and mimosas on Mothers Day! Who can complain about that!?! 

Here's a photo recap of what our May has looked like so far!

Finally getting to enjoy my porch!

We continued our tradition of spending some time at my Dad's and celebrating both his and Ellie's birthdays!  
We had some great weather, had great food, and great company!  
Girls taking a stroll in the woods with Papa

Hello tiny purple flower

And, of course strawberries, shortcake, and whipped cream! Perfect!

It was National Nurses Week.  I'm privileged to be part of this amazing profession, and even more grateful that I love my job.  Even the toughest days... I never have ever considered doing anything else.  I work with some amazing ladies and am so thankful to be able to be a part of their team!

Ellie decided she should start learning how to ride without training wheels... did a darn good job for her first attempt too!

Ryan was working out with a friend the other day and the girls were tickled to be able to "ride" along!

Ellie was practicing her sprints too! ;)

Daddy loves his girls! 

And I love him

I went to Elaina's school on Friday where they had a little Mother's Day program.  It was a great lunch date!

Lila is as goofy as ever... but oh, how I love that child!
because everyone reads on the kitchen rug, right?

Mother's Day was lovely!  I'm beyond in love with the two little girls that gave me that title! I hope all the Mama's out there had a wonderful day as well!

I finally got Elaina's 5 year photos taken, and hopefully will have some to show off in the next few days!  Until then, have a great week!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Goals, Setbacks, Progress, etc....

**Disclaimer:  This post is entirely for me... something to look back at later**
I've mentioned plenty that Ryan and I are pretty active in keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle.
We eat well, and lead active lives, as well as working hard towards our fitness goals.

Ive been discouraged and dealing with a lot of aggravation over my lack of progress in this area.
Some of it is my lack of mental power... "I can't"  "I'm too tired"  "It's too heavy"...
and some of it is real... I have a pinch in my lower back that is causing me lots of grief, as well
as a very weak/unstable left shoulder I can't quite seem to correct.

I get frustrated with Ryan, simply because he doesn't suffer the same setbacks or barriers, which is entirely displaced and not at all valid.  He eats cleaner and more consistent than I do... he works out harder and more frequently than I do... and he's got a crazy amount of mental toughness which pushes him to keep going even when he doesn't want to.  So it shouldn't ever surprise me when he looks like a million bucks and consistently makes gains.  
It's easy for me to see my flaws, my inconstancies, and my lack of forward momentum... but I'm trying.  Lately, I've done a few things that have helped my perception of myself... I've hit a couple Personal Bests, I've looked in the mirror and SEEN change, and I've spoken with a few people that have been brutally honest with me and told me things that maybe I just didn't want to hear before. Or maybe heard, but didn't believe and couldn't process.  
Basically... I'm good.  I'm doing enough.  I can't continue to beat myself up for moving forward slower than someone else... 
because I'm still moving forward.  I'm still better than I was before.  

My fastest run... I've done only a handful of runs this spring, and surprised myself
with my pace during this one.  I was exhausted and happy when I finished!

Not sure what is going on with my hair

*I was practicing my cleans - 95lbs, nothing heavy, just working on technique*
*Ryan urged me to try a 20b increase and I was really upset because I missed it.
I nearly cried with frustration, but he kept me collected and I dropped a little
weight, but still PR'd by 10lbs... Not pretty, but managed a 225lb deadlift.*

Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring Randomness

Here is some Spring Randomness... because it's 2am, and I'm tired, and trying to make a post
with sense, and flow... well, just forget it.

~If you haven't already noticed... Lila has taken up Rugby.  Her smile is pretty amazing!~

~Playing "Restaurant" is super fun.  Plastic sandwiches are delicious, and air tea is the absolute BEST!~

Oh, and you have to Sign in too.. don't forget that part!

~Apparently it was National Sibling Day.  I love my Sissy!~

~Elaina is hilarious and adorable~

~We went to the Pinewood carnival, and it was all kinds of carnival joy and madness!~ 

~The girls had their dance pictures taken... even though they don't love dance,
pictures were fun for them and they liked getting into their pretty costumes!~

~This is how Rio likes to wake me up~

~Lila is growing up ridiculously fast.  Seriously.  She needs to knock that shit off!~

she's weird though.  :)

~We had Kindergarten Roundup for Ellie, and she was so excited to go to school and know that it was all for HER!...
again, Seriously needs to stop growing up so damn fast!~

~Ryan did a bunch of major projects around the house... strip, wash, and stain the deck and porch, tear up our old oak flooring in the entryway, kitchen, and main floor bath, and replace them with tile in entry, and new hardwood in kitchen, as well as putting tile down in our laundry room!  It's been a construction zone in our house, but it looks great now!  Thanks baby... as always, you amaze me!~
tearing up the entry way
I grouted the tile... it was my contribution to the projects!  nice grouting, right?!
kitchen floor - Before
kitchen floor - After
There are a few more things I'll touch on another time, but that's enough for now!  
Happy Monday everyone!