Friday, February 24, 2017

Our 2017 so far

Happy New Year

2017 has had an odd start, for many reasons, but here we are coming to the end of February and I'm feeling as though I may be finally getting a toe-hold on things (aside from currently feeling like crap with a wicked headcold).  Life really can knock you off course sometimes and it can be difficult to find your path again, but having supportive family and friends makes all the difference! 

Day to day, our life hasn't looked all that extrodinary, but plenty of things worth mentioning... because, lets be honest... I'm realizing how quick things fade from memory and the reason I love this blog so much is because it's a place for me to look back and reflect on all those little things that too often fall through the cracks. 

The weather overall has been pretty damn mild and while some folks gripe about how it's not right or healthy for our environment... I all too well remember the bitter cold, never ending winters that last into May, so excuse me while I appreciate every last bit of the mild temps!!

As of recent, we even had a lovely taste of Spring, although today it's back to below freezing and we are expecting snow.  Those days are like a gift though, and I will soak up the warmth and sunshine when I can!

Ryan and I were lucky enough to go and catch a Wild game which was super intense and Amazing!
The Wild are having a phenomenal season and it was a blast to be a part of that crowd!

We do random things inside when the weather isn't as great, like playing family Scrabble, or reading, or Lego building, or cookie baking, etc.  It's all good in the hood. 

The girls continue to grow and shape their personalities.  Lila remains our sensitive soul, and our little creator.  She currently says she wants to be an Engineer like Daddy.  Her favorite color is Ocean Blue and we just recently painted her room that very color.  We've seen a bit of attitude peeking through here and there and I expect that drama will continue, but for our oldest... a hug and a little quiet time fixes just about everything! 
Elle is a stinker, as always, but she has caught me off guard lately with a little spurt in maturity, kindness, and manners.  She is most definitely Ryan's child when it comes to personality, but I see little glimpses of tenderness in there too! E still is OBSESSED with her babies... and I don't say that lightly.  Her newest addition "Sofia" goes with us just about everywhere and often is accompanied by a fully stocked diaper bag. (I'm not exaggerating) An interesting blend of motherly affection and spicy independence, our Elle is... oh what will the future bring?!

Lila had her 2nd Grade music concert with a little solo part!  So dang cute!

I took the girls to a movie recently which was kind of a fun little girls day out!  Lego Batman was pretty awesome folks!

The hounds are still here.  And most of the time we love them like crazy.  Most of the time. 

We celebrated Valentines Day (sorta) in our usual low-key way.  I was working, so a few pink pancakes for breakfast and some little gifts for our love bugs made the day. 

Our current situation is that both Lila and I are sick.  She got hit hard and fast with a fever and cough that has now settled deep in her chest, and a few days later, I went down and haven't yet recovered. My head feels like it's going to explode and my body aches everywhere.  

Terrible timing too, as another big thing is just starting for Ryan and I.
This will be a post for another day.  But we officially are both signed up to compete in our first Open and they just announced the first workout last night (any and all strong and encouraging vibes will be appreciated!!) We have until Monday to submit our scores for this first workout, so I better get to feeling better in a quick hurry.. because this one is gonna hurt even if I'm in top condition! Wish us luck!!

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