Thursday, October 23, 2014

October-y Stuff

Tell me this hasn't been a great fall?!!!  Really!

Can this amazing weather just stay around forever?! 
THIS is why Fall is my favorite time of the year.
Well, that and it includes my birthday, Ryan's birthday,
Lila's birthday, our wedding anniversary, lots of apples,
everything pumpkin, beautiful colors, sweater weather.....

I haven't posted much, and I'm learning to accept that that is ok.
Its the way life is for me right now, and I'm ok with the fact that
although I don't post with the regularity I once did, I'm still here
and still have bits of our life to look back on.
Mission accomplished.
So.  Here is a little bit of whats been going on this month around
the Volovsek home.

~We've had some gorgeous color and the girls love being outside!! ~

 ~We've also taken advantage of the nice weather to workout outside as much as possible!  The girls are such great helpers when it comes to this! ;) ~

~Of course, we've had our share of sniffles, coughs, and colds.  The pups like to give extra snuggles
when you aren't feeling good~

~Both Ellie and Lila have continued to love Dance!~
Ellie and I get a few minutes each week before her class starts.... she just melts my heart!

 ~Lila's fish went to fishy-heaven.  It was a very sad day for us.  No worries though... Bubbles and Goldy might be gone, but we now have Sandy and Teeny-Weeny to love! ~

~My sister-in-law and her boys came for an overnight visit!  We took a walk at Lebannon Hills
and hit the zoo the following day! ~

~Ellie's hair has the most gorgeous highlights!  I mean, c'mon... folks would pay good money for that! ~

~Our sweet little neighbor boy shares a birthday with Lila, and we were invited to attend his
birthday party at The Grove.  So much fun!~

~My husband is a Toro nerd~

~We spent a few nights at our friends cabin... Always a great time and as we were leaving the sun came out and graced us with a forest of brilliant gold!!
Ellie was "helping" the Enginerds put up a shelf! Haha

~We made a quick stop in St. Croix Falls so I could snap a picture of some of the beautiful color~

I'm working tonight, have plans to be out with some friends tomorrow, then have a glorious weekend of just spending time with my loves!  Ryan has been gone traveling for work all week and the girls and I miss him terribly!  Have a fantastic fall weekend!! :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Frozen and Fishy party!

Backed up ... again :(  Sigh...  

Last Monday was Lila's birthday and we had our typical small gathering
of a few grandparents, an auntie and uncle, and a good friend join us to 
celebrate her special day!
She got her choice of chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and then got
to spend her birthday at school on a field trip to the Apple Orchard!
That evening our guests came over to join us!
We had dinner, opened some presents, sang and had cake and ice cream!
She received a bunch of really great gifts and went to sleep that night
a very happy girl!
(Her little sister, however, was not quite as thrilled.  Not getting a fish in your
room when Big Sister got 3 is quite traumatic apparently)

Ellie could't wait to give Lila her gift... a snuggly soft leopard print blanket!  Not exactly my style, but Lila LOVED it! 
Her Leaning Tower of Frozen cake.... I didn't do a great job balancing the tiers, oops.
Getting a fish from Grandma and Grandpa... and my expression showing I had no idea they got her the
same thing we did!!! Hahaha!
Getting a look at the fishies and tank we give her! 
A 6year old, her cake, and her fish!

This is Brighty.  Yep.  Brighty. 
This is Bubbles, Goldy, and Patrick the Blue snail.
And this is the face of a very happy 6 year old in her new jammies with her new pets!
It was a great day!  We love you Lila!  To the moon, stars, sun, and back!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our Golden Girl ~ 6years on the 6th

Our sweet golden girl celebrated her golden 6th Birthday on Monday!

Lila is the most beautiful, creative, enthusiastic 6year old I can imagine!
Always making art projects and creating masterpieces, she is usually covered
in marker and other various stickers or bits of tape and paper.
Her fashion style is, like the rest of her, Creative, and she loves bright colors
and patterns.
She loves being outdoors and for as "girly" as she is... she is constantly scavenging
rocks, sticks, feathers, leaves, and an array of bugs and worms.

She adores her little sister (usually) and loves spending time each night reading
and snuggling with Mom or Dad.  She prefers to read to us, but on occasion still
lets us read a story to her!

We are blessed to have this bright light in our life! I can't believe how quickly
6 years have flown by and every day am amazed watching her grow and learn!
Lila, you are a gift and we treasure you each day!
We love you so much!!

~Here are some photos I took on a special little trip we took to the park~ 
(Photos from her actual birthday to come later)

Showing me her sassy side!

I can hardly stand how old she looks in this!  Ack... where does time go?
One of my very most favorites of my girl... the light in her hair, her sweet profile... melts my heart!
Quick stop for a swing break :)

Goofy kid!

This is the "Mom... please tell me we're done!" look!  And yes, all done sweetie!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Anniversary # 8!!!

Pretty setting
Check, check, and check!!

Tuesday marked 8 years of marriage for Ry and I!

My mother in law was kind to help us out and take the girls to dance for me.

Ryan made me a cheesecake (our wedding dessert) from scratch, and then had
bought some sushi and wine, and took me to Thomas Lake Park where we had
our wedding photos taken!  

Although it was pretty chilly, the sun was out and we found a perfect little bench on
a dock overlooking the lake.  We sat and enjoyed our food and drink, had a quiet hour
to talk and enjoy each others company, then home for a steak and another glass (or two)
of vino!! 

What a wonderful way to celebrate 8 years of love and friendship!
Ryan, I love you so damn much!

Thank you for all you are and all you have helped me become!

LITTLE bit too much Wasabi!!!

Wine in plastic cups... yes, we're very classy!!!

8 Years Ago... Looking ahead to many years to come