Monday, October 13, 2014

A Frozen and Fishy party!

Backed up ... again :(  Sigh...  

Last Monday was Lila's birthday and we had our typical small gathering
of a few grandparents, an auntie and uncle, and a good friend join us to 
celebrate her special day!
She got her choice of chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and then got
to spend her birthday at school on a field trip to the Apple Orchard!
That evening our guests came over to join us!
We had dinner, opened some presents, sang and had cake and ice cream!
She received a bunch of really great gifts and went to sleep that night
a very happy girl!
(Her little sister, however, was not quite as thrilled.  Not getting a fish in your
room when Big Sister got 3 is quite traumatic apparently)

Ellie could't wait to give Lila her gift... a snuggly soft leopard print blanket!  Not exactly my style, but Lila LOVED it! 
Her Leaning Tower of Frozen cake.... I didn't do a great job balancing the tiers, oops.
Getting a fish from Grandma and Grandpa... and my expression showing I had no idea they got her the
same thing we did!!! Hahaha!
Getting a look at the fishies and tank we give her! 
A 6year old, her cake, and her fish!

This is Brighty.  Yep.  Brighty. 
This is Bubbles, Goldy, and Patrick the Blue snail.
And this is the face of a very happy 6 year old in her new jammies with her new pets!
It was a great day!  We love you Lila!  To the moon, stars, sun, and back!!

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