Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our Golden Girl ~ 6years on the 6th

Our sweet golden girl celebrated her golden 6th Birthday on Monday!

Lila is the most beautiful, creative, enthusiastic 6year old I can imagine!
Always making art projects and creating masterpieces, she is usually covered
in marker and other various stickers or bits of tape and paper.
Her fashion style is, like the rest of her, Creative, and she loves bright colors
and patterns.
She loves being outdoors and for as "girly" as she is... she is constantly scavenging
rocks, sticks, feathers, leaves, and an array of bugs and worms.

She adores her little sister (usually) and loves spending time each night reading
and snuggling with Mom or Dad.  She prefers to read to us, but on occasion still
lets us read a story to her!

We are blessed to have this bright light in our life! I can't believe how quickly
6 years have flown by and every day am amazed watching her grow and learn!
Lila, you are a gift and we treasure you each day!
We love you so much!!

~Here are some photos I took on a special little trip we took to the park~ 
(Photos from her actual birthday to come later)

Showing me her sassy side!

I can hardly stand how old she looks in this!  Ack... where does time go?
One of my very most favorites of my girl... the light in her hair, her sweet profile... melts my heart!
Quick stop for a swing break :)

Goofy kid!

This is the "Mom... please tell me we're done!" look!  And yes, all done sweetie!

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