Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend with the Anderson's, and a stop at Papa's

Last weekend Ryan took the girls to our friends cabin on Friday night.  I stayed home with my nervous, pre-race stomach, and got up extra early to drive to Stillwater for my run.  Bob and Kristy were sweet enough to watch the girls while Ryan came to watch me finish my race and when I was done, he brought me back up to their cabin to enjoy the rest of the weekend with them!

We had a wonderful time!  The girls were so excited to be on the boat, swim in the lake, catch some fish, and of course... marsh some mallows.  It was a really, really great weekend! 

The Loons - babies are getting big!
Daddy and the girls... c'mon fishies

Got one!!!!


Thank you guys!  We all had a great time!  Can't wait to come back up for more fun!

Sunday, we left after lunch and drove the short trip to my Dad's.  He was generous and lent us his pontoon to use for the weekend, as well as took care of the hounds for us!  We spent a little time with him, and roasted the biggest marshmallows I've ever seen!  I'm not kidding... these things were mammoth!!!!  Super fun, but FYI... you can make 2 smores with one mallow!!  
THAT is a perfectly roasted giant Marshmallow!

Ryan was sooooo sleepy... and took a nap in the NEW big brown chair!
Now... maybe I'll get photos from this weekend done by next week!  Haha! 
Always just a touch behind!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Log Run ~ Stillwater


I did it.

I DID IT!!!!

I ran in my very first race!
Stillwater held their Log Run on Saturday, and I, 
the self-proclaimed "non-runner" signed myself up and participated.

And know what?

I didn't do too bad!

This is something I have been nervous about for weeks.
I had a horribly upset and nervous stomach for days before,
and thank GOD my husband knows me better than I know myself,
because I was thrilled that he showed up, even when I had said
for weeks before that I didn't want anyone there to watch!

Thank you baby! I love you!!!

So, I'm actually done. I can say I did it, and honestly and suprisingly...
I'm quite proud of myself.
I finished my very first 5k in 25:10, and was #18 of 115 women.

My Starting Line  ~ Such a beautiful morning!
Saying a quick prayer.

Happy Monday! Have a great week.

I have plenty more about the rest of our fun weekend still to come!

~thank you to those special people who were so encouraging and supportive of me....
I love you so much!~

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July, and the crazy, wild, chaotic, hot, fun weekend that followed!

This year 4th of July was just the very beginning of a Big weekend for our family!
We hosted two of Ryan's sisters, and their families from Thursday night 
through Sunday and boy oh boy did we pack in the fun!

I'm giving fair warning... knowing myself, and the fact that I work every day
this week, I won't be great at getting back at this... so instead of breaking this up
into a few posts, as I would like, I'm going to lump the whole thing together.
There are A LOT of pictures... hang in there!

Thursday started by meeting up at the pony races!
Hello Canterbury and hello HEAT!  WOW!
It was so crazy hot there that day, it felt like you were walking around inside
a blow dryer!  We had good intentions of taking advantage of all the fun they had
to offer, but after just a few races, the kids were flushed like cherries, so we canned
that idea and head back to our place to splash in the pool!
Good choice by us!
They really did like watching the horses race though... and were just too darn cute!!!
awe... so cute
having fun splashing with Daddy
then snuggling with Mama when she was pooped out!
Not too tired for a little corn on the cob!
~After pool time, we had some dinner, relaxed a little, then off we went to find ourselves some Fireworks! 
We landed at Mystic Lake, and saw a pretty great display! The kids (and adults) were
all seriously wiped out by the time it was over!
I LOVE me some Fireworks!!!
~Friday morning, it was fresh muffins, coffee, and some North America (the animal show) before spending the ENTIRE day relaxing outside and letting the kids play in the water! 
Honestly.... how cute?!

~Pool Time~
Walkin Tacos for lunch!
Why hello pretty Rio!

~Saturday was the wild day.... ValleyFair with 6 adults and 5 kids age 6 and under!
It was blazing hot, and I have never in my life been so grateful for water, and the Cabana (a glorified tent that was our saving grace for the day!)  The kids actually did quite well, and there were minimal meltdowns.  We spent a good chunk of the day in the water park, but did the rides as well.  Even the adults got to take a spin on some of the big ones (makes you feel really old though, when riding in the hot air balloons ride with your 3 year old makes your stomach wobble! Ha!

Went for a ride on the swings with my sweet niece, Calli
Train ride with the whole gang
Tough guy in his pink truck with the girls!
Watching the WAVE!
We checked out the Dinosaur exhibit!
Riding the Ferris Wheel to end the trip!  (This is the one that made Daddy nervous!)
Me and my big girl.  Hot, sweaty, exhausted, and happy!
 ~You would think that after spending 8 hours at ValleyFair, we'd be done, right?  WRONG.
Home we went, to spend a little more time outside and do our own little fireworks show!  
~Finally, it was time for bed!  Zzzzzzz.......

~Sunday consisted of a little more pool time, packing things up, and saying good-bye.  Then naps all around for our family and a very relaxing and enjoyable evening, followed by more sleep!
Monday concluded our long weekend.  Both Ryan and I took the day off and since clearly we didn't get enough time outside in the previous 4 days, we spent the majority of it out in the sun again!  We capped our long weekend with a bloody mary and chaser for Ry and I, and some Marshing Mallows for the girls.  (Ok, I had one too!)
Sweet girl and a sticky face!

I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have time off, where we can make memories like this with our family! Our girls had so much fun, and are already asking when their cousins are coming back to play!  Kim, Matt, Carter, Chase, Kris, Kurt, and Calli... Thank you all so much for sharing our weekend with us! I have hundreds (literally) more photos, and I promise I'll get them to you soon!  Love you all! Thank  you again!