Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend with the Anderson's, and a stop at Papa's

Last weekend Ryan took the girls to our friends cabin on Friday night.  I stayed home with my nervous, pre-race stomach, and got up extra early to drive to Stillwater for my run.  Bob and Kristy were sweet enough to watch the girls while Ryan came to watch me finish my race and when I was done, he brought me back up to their cabin to enjoy the rest of the weekend with them!

We had a wonderful time!  The girls were so excited to be on the boat, swim in the lake, catch some fish, and of course... marsh some mallows.  It was a really, really great weekend! 

The Loons - babies are getting big!
Daddy and the girls... c'mon fishies

Got one!!!!


Thank you guys!  We all had a great time!  Can't wait to come back up for more fun!

Sunday, we left after lunch and drove the short trip to my Dad's.  He was generous and lent us his pontoon to use for the weekend, as well as took care of the hounds for us!  We spent a little time with him, and roasted the biggest marshmallows I've ever seen!  I'm not kidding... these things were mammoth!!!!  Super fun, but FYI... you can make 2 smores with one mallow!!  
THAT is a perfectly roasted giant Marshmallow!

Ryan was sooooo sleepy... and took a nap in the NEW big brown chair!
Now... maybe I'll get photos from this weekend done by next week!  Haha! 
Always just a touch behind!

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