Monday, July 1, 2013

First day of July

Good bye June and hello July!  
How the heck did that happen?

June for us was weird and wild, and I think July will follow in similar suit!

This will be another of those posts that is just a smattering of photos from our month.
Little bits and pieces that I can look back on and remember.

 ~ We took a trip to Como Zoo with my Aunt and Cousins and their children.
It was so great to see them, and have the opportunity to visit while they were home!
 Betsy, you look great and I am so happy we finally were able to hang out, even for a short bit!
At the Sparky show.... kinda under-whelming... :(
Saying hello to the polar bear!  A highlight for the girls!

~On our way out of the zoo, I made a last minute choice to let them ride the Carousel
and was greatly rewarded! They both thought that was the greatest part of the day and
were so proud of themselves for riding alone like big girls!
Big smiles on happy girls made for a very happy Mama!

~Ryan and I were blessed to have ourselves a little mini-vacation this month.
We had a lovely little date weekend and thoroughly enjoyed our adult time!

His sister and her husband were brave enough to take not only their two boys, but our
two girlies with them camping in Wisconsin! 
They had semi-crummy weather, that resulted in lots of mud and mosquito
bites, but the girls thought it was great fun!!!
Kim and Matt, thank you thank you thank you!
The night before they head out camping!
Guess they were all a little wore out?!  ;)

 ~ I made a spur of the moment decision to get myself a new little decoration! 

~We visited friends and the girls got to build a "fort" and watch a movie
after swimming in the pool and their "hot one" (ie hot tub)! Haha!

~The weather finally turned around from rain and clouds every day... 
and we were graced with a little of this...

 ~And because the weather finally got nice, we set up our little pop-up pool on the back patio.
Only to find this the next morning...
wah wah wah.... so sad and shriveled :(
 ~We did try to patch it up, but were unsuccessful, and the girls didnt really seem to mind, so
you better believe they swam in it anyway!  Can you say Red Red Red Red Redneck?! Haha!

~My dear Mother in Law had a birthday, but since we were able to actually see
her that day, we sent her some love via text and phone photos!!!
Happy Birthday Grandma Barb!!! We love you!

~Ryan had to travel for work towards the end of the month, and although I'm never a big fan of him
being gone, we tried to make the  most of it.  
Had lunch outside on the porch
Made a run to Dairy Queen for some chocolate dipped cones!

Spent some time in the sun, enjoying some popcicles!

 ~ I have continued my efforts in working out and back in April decided to add something new 
to the mix... I began running.  Now for those that know me well, I have NEVER been one to 
run anywhere, but I've had a few positive influences and thought, "well, might as well give it a try"
... Turns out, it doesn't always suck as bad as I thought!
Now, that being said,  sometimes it still really does suck (ie, running with a friend and puking twice on the return part of the trip... yep, that sucks)

This was my most recent run... the longest I've gone yet (and to many of you, I realize this is nothing).
  I was damn proud of myself though, it's a big accomplishment for me!

 ~This weekend was spent tackling projects around the house, as we are having company for the 
4th of July weekend!
And even though a large part of the days consisted of chores, it was actually pretty enjoyable!
I mean what's not to enjoy when you get to look at this?!  ;)

Mmmmm......  hard to resist a hard workin man!

One of our "chores" this weekend, was to set up the new pool.
With a house full of guests coming, I just couldn't deal with the shriveled half-pool.
That's a little better!
~And because I like ending on a sweet note, here's just a little more of my sweeties!

My girls are growing up so fast that sometimes I can't remember how
we got here. Things they say or do, pictures they draw, stories they come up with...
they are the most amazing little people.
Lila is still utterly dramatic and everything is a crisis, but she is so smart... and 
caring, and she loves to give and get hugs and kisses.
And she's so pretty, sometimes I can't even stand it.
Elaina is just a naughty little devil! Loves to torment her sister, and will look right
at you as she does something you just told her not to... almost like "whatcha gonna do about it?"
But she's so damn funny, you can't possibly stay mad at her! She gives you that amazing
little grin and one of her perfectly petite, yet wonderful hugs... it'll thaw you right out!
They are my babies, and as often as I wish for them to grow up, and be more mature, 
and more independent... there are just as many times that I think "why are you growing 
up so fast?!"  They make my heart happy!

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