Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Brenda!

Happy Birthday to my mom!!! It was so nice seeing you on Thursday, I'm glad we got to spend some time outside, it was so Gorgeous out!!! The nakey picture is of her after her day in the sun with Grandma Brenda!!! Good Vitamin D therapy, I say!!!

I have lots more to write and post, but I have to get a nap in. Lila is still sick and I stayed home from work last night to be with her. She's not sleeping great cause she coughs so hard, poor baby. Anyway... I'll try and get more updates in soon. Have a gorgeous Saturday, and again Mom... Happy HAPPY Birthday! I love you!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The latest stuff

Whew! What a busy couple of days!!! First off, I have to say Congratulations again to Sarah and Paul! The wedding was beautiful and Ryan and I wish you all the best in life and more happiness than you've ever known! (I'll put together a slide show of some photos, and get that posted soon!) Also, Happy Birthday to Jack and Ryan Rademacher! These two boys are turning 5 already, WOW! Hope your special day ROCKS!
So... Saturday was Sarah and Paul's wedding, Sunday was Mankato with friends, Monday was trying to play "catch-up" at home, but all in all, pretty awesome Memorial weekend!
These are some of the latest videos of Lila! She's crawling like a pro now, and yes Rich, the gate at the stairs is up! The newest trick is her pulling herself up. On Sunday we went to Mankato to visit a few friends and I watched her sit herself up from lying on her back. On the way home I mentioned to Ryan that we needed to lower her crib mattress ASAP. Well, wouldn't you know... Monday morning I hear her talking in her room, I go to get her and guess who's standing in her crib!! Ha! What a little stinker!
Sorry, this is pretty quick, considering all the stuff that's happened, but I have to take Lila to the pediatrician AGAIN today, so I need to catch a shower! Have a happy Wednesday!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lila's on the move

Our big girl is crawling! Oh my! Time to put the gate up! I can't believe this... she's MOBILE! She's growing so fast it's surreal! I have some video of that, I'll try and get it up in the next few days! Her new word is "dada", which Ryan is Quite pleased about! I know it doesn't mean anything yet, but it still manages to melt your heart! I can't wait to get that on video! It's gonna be a crazy weekend and I need to get to cleaning, so I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Memorial weekend! Take care!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Oh it is so good to see the sun! I'm so ready for summer... aaahhh! Tank tops, flip-flops, brats on the grill, and a cold one! What could be better?? Seriously?! The weekend didn't start out feeling like summer, but it sure ended like it! Friday I watched the pouring rain, Saturday the sun came out, but it was so darn blustery, you still needed a jacket. Sunday however... Sunday was WONDERFUL!!!

I was supposed to go and watch my mom's dance recital on Friday night. However, I was so tired after working all week and getting very little sleep that I felt a little sick to my stomach and almost a little delirious, so I didn't make it. I was pretty bummed, it's the first recital I've EVER missed :( I also wanted to bring Lila and let my mom see her, and show her off a little. But honestly, I don't think it would have been safe to be driving. I did hear that it was a very good show. Hopefully, I'll get to see some performance (maybe Mt. Dew Days or something!)

Saturday was an early one. We got up with the sun and packed up the Tahoe and drove up to my Dad's. We spent the day at the lake, getting the dock and boat in , and putting in a few new flowers/plants. We also had a little celebration for my niece Payton's 8th B-day! It really turned out to be a nice day! The weather would have been much nicer if the wind had died down a bit, but the sun was out, so I was happy!

Sunday was great! Lila did NOT sleep well on Saturday, so it was a slow start to the morning, but once we all got geared up, we were actually rather productive! The yard got mowed, dog poop picked up, we planted 5 trees in our yard, and went to Bob's Country Garden and got some shrubs and bushes to plant in an area in our front yard in place of the dead sod! The weather was perfect and I was a happy camper. The only thing that could've made it better would have been not having to go to work! I had picked up a shift that night and missed out on some neighborhood BBQ (I guess Tom's wings were Awesome!) I did however, have a pretty good night at work, had a lovely delivery with a great family! Thank you God for such an amazing job!

I'm working the next few nights and Ryan has been busy at work too. It's gonna be go-go-go for the next week or so. I'm in my friend Sarah's wedding on Saturday, so the weekend is going to be busy, and then Ryan leaves for Atlanta next Wed for 3 days, and I'll head back to work that Friday. Pretty much, we'll have Monday and Tuesday open. Oh well, I'll take what I can get!!!

Sorry this is so long, but I have to throw one more thing in there...

I want to give the BIGGEST congratulations to a friend/co-worker/inspiration of mine! This amazing woman gave birth to her third baby, a boy, this morning in the peace and calm of her own home. He was a whopping 11lbs. and 4 oz! Way to go Sarah! You are so Amazing! Congratulations!
Anyway, have to go, sorry again about this being so long! Hope you all have a happy week, enjoy the sun!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sicky Sicky

Pooper. Lila is a sicky girl.
She went to sleep a happy camper on Saturday night and woke up a congested and grumpy baby. It came on so fast that I was kinda concerned, we took her in to the Dr. yesterday because she was coughing so hard and they didn't seem at all concerned about that, but low and behold, she did have an ear infection that we are now treating with some good ole' Amoxicillian.
Last night was miserable, for both me and her. She was breathing so hard and fast that I was getting really worried. I'm trying so hard not to be that paranoid, over-anxious first time mom, but seriously, she sounded horrible. She went down at 7:30pm, was up at 10:30, 12:30, 2:30, 3:15, and 5:30. Each time she basically coughed herself awake and I would go in, reposition her, cover her back up and rub her back until she fell back to sleep. This morning I thought maybe her breathing would slow down, once she was up and could move around a little more or be upright, but she continued to pant and cough until she fell asleep for her morning nap. I told myself that I was gonna take her back in if this was still going on this evening, but happily, she woke up at 10, full of smiles! She's still congested, boogery and coughing a ton, but she seems happier and her breathing slowed down. Ugh, I hate it when she's sick.
I go back to work tonight and won't see her until Thursday afternoon, yeah... it just might kill me. I hate being away from her when she's healthy, let alone when she's a sick cookie. Hopefully, those antibiotics will kick in and she'll be feeling better soon! Keep your fingers crossed. She just fell asleep again for her afternoon nap, so I'm going to follow suit otherwise tonight is gonna be REALLY tough!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy day to my mom (Brenda), Ryan's mom (Barb), and all my family and friends who have the pleasure of holding this title and working hard at the greatest job in the world!!!
I'm SO happy to be a part of this elite group this year! Lila has brought me more joy and happiness than I could have ever imagined and it almost makes me cry to realize how fleeting this time really is! I know I'm being sappy, but I'm sitting here at work, looking at these darling pictures of her smiling face, and can't help but getting a little mushy! Her smile and giggle make my world go around! My heart is so full and content, I am truly blessed! I have to thank my sweet hubby too, because Lila is here for one reason; as they say... "it's all because two people fell in love!" Thank you honey for helping me create, raise, and love such a precious baby girl!
Ok, I'm done.... ah.. sigh.
Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone! Count your blessings and SMILE today!

Snack time

I just thought this was a cute little video of Lila having a snack. She's getting so good at picking up her food and actually Getting it to her mouth! Normally, she's quite a bit more animated than this, but of course, she was tired and needed a nap, so no dice with the usual silly antics. Oh well.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Great week so far!

Honestly, it has been a really great week off! I decided to pick up a short shift on Monday night, but other than that, it's just been visiting with family and friends and get caught up on stuff around the house! The weather has been nice too, so that's always a bonus!
Tuesday I visited 2 friends of mine, Gina and Chelsie and their beautiful girls! We took a walk and grabbed some coffee, it was a great day!!! Thanks you guys so much for putting up with my sleep-deprived stupor! You rock!
Yesterday my sister came down for a visit, and bless her heart, she even helped me clean the house!!! How awesome! Today, I'm taking Lila to the zoo, and the weather is supposed to be in the 70's! It's gonna be great! Now, time to get her and I some breakfast and get ready to head out! Have a great Sunshiny day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Crazy weekend!

It was a really good weekend, but man... it was crazy busy! By Friday afternoon, we had guests at our house and it wasn't empty again until Sunday afternoon! My father-in-law and Ryan's brother-in-law came down to help us do some work on the house. Our furnace and water heater needed to be moved and I guess it was just a ridiculous amount of work. They started around 6pm on Friday and worked until almost 11pm. (I was long in bed and sleeping!) Saturday, I just did stuff around the house during the day, and played with Lila while they continued to work downstairs. They had to turn the water off though, and I had plans that night, so I ended up packing up Lila and heading to Ryan's mom's house, so I could shower and get ready. Lila stayed with her for the night, so the guys could keep working and I could head out!

Well, Saturday night was my good friend Sarah's bachelorette party. Oh my! We had so much fun! We met at the Marriot downtown, visited for awhile, played games, opened gifts, then went to dinner at Applebees. After dinner we headed to a dualing piano bar called The Shout House, where we spent the remainder of our night! Most of us stayed at the hotel that night and left in the morning. Let me just say that as evidenced by my raging headache Sunday morning... I'm getting to old for that sorta thing!!! Ha! Oh well, it was a blast, guess it was worth it!

Yesterday was SO gorgeous outside, that even with my pounding head, I really wanted to be outside. Amazingly, my little worker bees (the men) had finished the projects in the basement late Saturday night, so when I got home, they were just cleaning up and Ryan and I ended up having the afternoon and evening to ourselves! It was a pleasant surprise! We inherited a couple of lilac bushes from Ryan's sister, so we planted those in the afternoon! I'm so excited to have a little planting accomplished... I think I'm going to tackle a bit more since this is my week off!! The weather is supposed to be pretty nice too, yeah for me! Ryan and I relaxed the evening away, just playing with Lila and watching TV! Lila was in the BEST mood... just laughing and smiling away! She's finally figuring out how to move her hands when she's up on her knees, pretty much as close to crawling as you can get without ACTUALLY crawling! It's so fun to watch her! What a little miracle she it!

Anyway, I know this is long, so I'm gonna run. Laundry is calling my name, then I'm bound and determined to spend as much time out in the sunshine as I can this week! Hope you have a great day!