Monday, May 4, 2009

Crazy weekend!

It was a really good weekend, but man... it was crazy busy! By Friday afternoon, we had guests at our house and it wasn't empty again until Sunday afternoon! My father-in-law and Ryan's brother-in-law came down to help us do some work on the house. Our furnace and water heater needed to be moved and I guess it was just a ridiculous amount of work. They started around 6pm on Friday and worked until almost 11pm. (I was long in bed and sleeping!) Saturday, I just did stuff around the house during the day, and played with Lila while they continued to work downstairs. They had to turn the water off though, and I had plans that night, so I ended up packing up Lila and heading to Ryan's mom's house, so I could shower and get ready. Lila stayed with her for the night, so the guys could keep working and I could head out!

Well, Saturday night was my good friend Sarah's bachelorette party. Oh my! We had so much fun! We met at the Marriot downtown, visited for awhile, played games, opened gifts, then went to dinner at Applebees. After dinner we headed to a dualing piano bar called The Shout House, where we spent the remainder of our night! Most of us stayed at the hotel that night and left in the morning. Let me just say that as evidenced by my raging headache Sunday morning... I'm getting to old for that sorta thing!!! Ha! Oh well, it was a blast, guess it was worth it!

Yesterday was SO gorgeous outside, that even with my pounding head, I really wanted to be outside. Amazingly, my little worker bees (the men) had finished the projects in the basement late Saturday night, so when I got home, they were just cleaning up and Ryan and I ended up having the afternoon and evening to ourselves! It was a pleasant surprise! We inherited a couple of lilac bushes from Ryan's sister, so we planted those in the afternoon! I'm so excited to have a little planting accomplished... I think I'm going to tackle a bit more since this is my week off!! The weather is supposed to be pretty nice too, yeah for me! Ryan and I relaxed the evening away, just playing with Lila and watching TV! Lila was in the BEST mood... just laughing and smiling away! She's finally figuring out how to move her hands when she's up on her knees, pretty much as close to crawling as you can get without ACTUALLY crawling! It's so fun to watch her! What a little miracle she it!

Anyway, I know this is long, so I'm gonna run. Laundry is calling my name, then I'm bound and determined to spend as much time out in the sunshine as I can this week! Hope you have a great day!

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