Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sicky Sicky

Pooper. Lila is a sicky girl.
She went to sleep a happy camper on Saturday night and woke up a congested and grumpy baby. It came on so fast that I was kinda concerned, we took her in to the Dr. yesterday because she was coughing so hard and they didn't seem at all concerned about that, but low and behold, she did have an ear infection that we are now treating with some good ole' Amoxicillian.
Last night was miserable, for both me and her. She was breathing so hard and fast that I was getting really worried. I'm trying so hard not to be that paranoid, over-anxious first time mom, but seriously, she sounded horrible. She went down at 7:30pm, was up at 10:30, 12:30, 2:30, 3:15, and 5:30. Each time she basically coughed herself awake and I would go in, reposition her, cover her back up and rub her back until she fell back to sleep. This morning I thought maybe her breathing would slow down, once she was up and could move around a little more or be upright, but she continued to pant and cough until she fell asleep for her morning nap. I told myself that I was gonna take her back in if this was still going on this evening, but happily, she woke up at 10, full of smiles! She's still congested, boogery and coughing a ton, but she seems happier and her breathing slowed down. Ugh, I hate it when she's sick.
I go back to work tonight and won't see her until Thursday afternoon, yeah... it just might kill me. I hate being away from her when she's healthy, let alone when she's a sick cookie. Hopefully, those antibiotics will kick in and she'll be feeling better soon! Keep your fingers crossed. She just fell asleep again for her afternoon nap, so I'm going to follow suit otherwise tonight is gonna be REALLY tough!

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  1. Hey you, is Lila feeling any better yet. I hope so, I have been thinking bout her. How are you doing. I miss ya. Hopefully we can get together soon and hang out again......have you guys thought about vacation any more? Since I can't remember a darn thing I cannot even remember what our next step was going to be. I need to write it on a post it note. Call us sometime when you have some free, so we can hang out. Love ya. Heather


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