Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The latest stuff

Whew! What a busy couple of days!!! First off, I have to say Congratulations again to Sarah and Paul! The wedding was beautiful and Ryan and I wish you all the best in life and more happiness than you've ever known! (I'll put together a slide show of some photos, and get that posted soon!) Also, Happy Birthday to Jack and Ryan Rademacher! These two boys are turning 5 already, WOW! Hope your special day ROCKS!
So... Saturday was Sarah and Paul's wedding, Sunday was Mankato with friends, Monday was trying to play "catch-up" at home, but all in all, pretty awesome Memorial weekend!
These are some of the latest videos of Lila! She's crawling like a pro now, and yes Rich, the gate at the stairs is up! The newest trick is her pulling herself up. On Sunday we went to Mankato to visit a few friends and I watched her sit herself up from lying on her back. On the way home I mentioned to Ryan that we needed to lower her crib mattress ASAP. Well, wouldn't you know... Monday morning I hear her talking in her room, I go to get her and guess who's standing in her crib!! Ha! What a little stinker!
Sorry, this is pretty quick, considering all the stuff that's happened, but I have to take Lila to the pediatrician AGAIN today, so I need to catch a shower! Have a happy Wednesday!

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