Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Boone!

Our very 1st Baby turns 4 today!
He was our wedding present to ourselves... what a great gift!

Happy Birthday Booner, we love you man!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I just had to post a few more photos of the girls...

I'm back at work the next 3 nights and I gotta have something I can look at when I miss them!

Sweet Angel

Pretty girl

Ellie likes her Exersaucer!

Best part of the day~ snuggles!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Heart Faces ~ Purple

I have never entered one of their challenges before, but I Heart Faces has a challenge each week and this week it happened to be "Purple". This picture popped in my head, so I thought I'd give it a whirl!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

All quiet on the work-front

I arrived at work tonight to a highly unusual situation...

an EMPTY unit.


That's right. I said EMPTY.
No one in triage, no one in labor, nada.

I guess I will take this opportunity to throw in a few new tidbits about the girls!

A Stinker
She is talking up a storm and suprises me just about every day with what she has picked up and how good her communicating is! She is very imaginative and has taken to playing with her "babies". She loves helping me do dishes, laundry, and yes, even going to the "potty". (She likes to cheer for me when I go!) She copies EVERYTHING we do (must remind myself of that A LOT), and in general is far too quickly turning into a self-sufficient little girl!

Smiley baby
She is your typical cute, loveable, snuggly baby! She is getting so strong and we recently put her in the Exersaucer! Because she's so tiny still, we have to give her a little extra support around her waist with a blanket so she doesn't tip over, but she loves being in it! It's a whole new way to view the world, ya know?! She is starting to giggle, but it sounds a lot more like grunting than anything. Makes me laugh though! She's growing so fast, we're really getting into that fun age!

I'm going to also share a little about our "other" babes!

Apparently, Boone has gone through puberty and now has become an old man. A little more grumpy, a little more hair on his man-parts, and a little less "peppy" but overall, still our first love! My handsome boy and the one part to the family that keeps Ryan from feeling completely overrun by females! Ha!

Spaz, weirdo, attention-hog.... oh the list goes on! She is however, Lila's buddy. Completely and utterly tolerant of any abuse our toddler can dish out! Rio is the mama of the house and always feels compelled to check on us every evening. "You coming to bed guys?" She's a good girl. If she'd keep a lid on her highly annoying WHINING, she'd be pretty much a perfect pooch!

I've got some really great little ones in the house!

Okay, so back to work. Oh wait...
Only 8 hours to go...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Root Beer Barrels

They remind me of my Grandpa.

I'm not really sure why, other than he ALWAYS had some little candy treat for us when we were little. A patient left a big bag of goodies for the nurses as a thank you, and I selected a Root Beer Barrel. I was suddenly flooded with thoughts of Grandpa and it made me smile!

I'm starting my long stretch back at work tonight and already miss my family. It's tough being away so much, but it's so sweet when I am home!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Elaina is 3 Months!

Miss Ellie is 3 months old. Oh my.
She is such a happy baby and getting to be so much fun! On Sunday I got my first actual LAUGH out of her! She is getting so strong and likes when you help her "stand" up! I weighed her last week and she hadn't even broke the 12 pound mark! Ha! She's still a peanut, but she's filling out now, and recently has found her appetite, so I'm sure she'll take off here soon!
As much as it's hard to watch the time fly by, I do look forward to each new milestone with her!

So yesterday I took about a million pictures of my girls.
It started with me wanting a few of Elaina at the 3 month mark, and just kind of snowballed.

I had the day off and the camera hardly left my hands all day.

Seriously... I have a little problem.

Now, here's the dilema... I honestly don't know what to do with them all. I can't hang every one up in my house, but I want to show them off (hey, I'm a parent), so I apologize for the crazy amount of pictures.
Wait... these are some gorgeous girls... no apology is needed. Just enjoy!

Model someday?

Lila had to get in there too! Too bad she didn't have a shirt on... oh well!

Our angels!

I am so lucky!
Pretty sure I have a couple of gorgeous girls!

Twins game!

Thanks to my sister and Brent,

Ryan and I spent Monday night going to our first Twins game at the new stadium!

Brent had tickets that he let us use and my brave sister came down to babysit the girls!

The experience was great! Our seats were even GREATER (what?) And we LOVE Target Field! The weather was darn near perfect too! I told Ryan that one of the things I liked best was the fact that I was OUTSIDE at 9pm and wasn't getting carried away by the skittos!
The actual game.... well, that pretty much sucked. Seriously guys, 10-4? Boo :(
We still really enjoyed ourselves and can't wait to go back!
Thanks again Alex and Brent... we love you and owe you HUGE!

The new stadium is pretty awesome!

I was LOVING it!
Ryan was too, he's just a little
less obvious!

Gotta love TC!

Amazing seats, 3 rows up from 3rd base! Nice!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pierced ears!

So cute, right?!

She was such a trooper too! The crying lasted all of about 40 seconds and was quickly forgotten. Much tougher getting shots at the peds office! And again... SO cute!

This weekend flew by, but we really enjoyed it! It was BBQ days down here in Belle Plaine and our neighborhood had a little get together! I have to admit something... I was more than a little irritated when my husband went out and bought a meat smoker. "How often are we really gonna use that thing?" "You don't have any idea what you're doing." "Can think of FAR better ways to spend out money...." These were a few of the thoughts that went through my head before Saturday.

.... Ok.... sigh.... Honey, you did a FABULOUS job! The brisket and pork were amazing and the smoker really was a pretty great idea! Good job RY!

The girls spent Saturday and Sunday morning with Grandma and Grandpa Volovsek and after some very teary good-byes on Lila's part ( No bye Papa, sniff, Papa, papa...) we headed off to the mall to get Ellie's ears pierced and run a few errands. We had a nice evening and even kept the girls up to watch fireworks over at Tom and Lisa's. Lila was "all-done" by the time it was over, but I'm glad we got to see them!

The week looks busy but wonderful and I'm looking forward to it! I hope you have a good one!

Happy Baby Girl!


Lila knows how to beat the heat!

Because it's so rare, I just had to throw in a picture of our CLEAN house!

Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm off work for a week! Hooray!

We have lots of big plans for the weekend and I have tons to do, yet I confess that I have spent a large amount of today enjoying my kiddies and soaking up some sun. Priorities, ya know?!

Just thought I'd throw up a few pics I snapped yesterday of my babes. (all of them!)

Have a great weekend. I'm going to!


Lila Kate


Elaina Grace

Thursday, July 15, 2010

missing you

I have 5 hours to go...

5 hours of work before I can go and pick up my sweet girls.
5 hours of work before I can hug and kiss my husband.

5 hours to go.

I miss them.
ALL of them... even my dogs. (yes, I still love Boone and Rio!)

Elaina is sick with a cold and Lila is in full-blown tantrum stage (any little thing sets one off!), and Ryan is anxiously waiting for me to share the night-time rituals. Oh, how I long to be there!!!
I miss them.

Only 4 hours and 45 minutes to go...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Whew... that was a rough one

Up all night, crying, whining, trying to comfort...

Nope, not talking about our baby. It was Lila that provided this less than joyous evening.

Note to self: don't give your toddler 2 sweet treats before bed, it'll come back to bite you, right around midnight. Arg.

We headed out to my Dad's place early Saturday morning and had a rather enjoyable day! My sister and her boyfriend were there, we had a nice visit and everyone went to bed easily. Thought that would be it for the night. I was wrong.

After fighting with Lila to go back to sleep for nearly 3 hours, we threw in the towel, packed up and headed for home. My poor sister got the wits scared outta here, when I woke her up, but thankfully, she loves me and was quite tolerant and patient with the whole thing. (Good thing, cause my patience was at an ultimate low!)

So, home around 5ish, Lila went straight to bed, Elaina got a bottle, and both Ryan and I crashed. Thankfully, we all got a few more hours of sleep and now Ryan took Lila to run a few errands and Ellie and I are doing this. I should be cleaning up the DISASTER of a house, but in lieu of coffee and quiet time, this is a much better option!

Have a great Sunday and start to the week, I'm already looking forward to Thursday when I'll be off for a whole week! Woot Woot!
Oh, Elaina says "ooohh, oh, gooo"

Here's a few pics from the week and some cute video!

Lila in the hammock at Papa's!

Lila getting snuggles from Papa.

Playing in the lake!

Elaina getting so strong at Tummy time!