Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Twins game!

Thanks to my sister and Brent,

Ryan and I spent Monday night going to our first Twins game at the new stadium!

Brent had tickets that he let us use and my brave sister came down to babysit the girls!

The experience was great! Our seats were even GREATER (what?) And we LOVE Target Field! The weather was darn near perfect too! I told Ryan that one of the things I liked best was the fact that I was OUTSIDE at 9pm and wasn't getting carried away by the skittos!
The actual game.... well, that pretty much sucked. Seriously guys, 10-4? Boo :(
We still really enjoyed ourselves and can't wait to go back!
Thanks again Alex and Brent... we love you and owe you HUGE!

The new stadium is pretty awesome!

I was LOVING it!
Ryan was too, he's just a little
less obvious!

Gotta love TC!

Amazing seats, 3 rows up from 3rd base! Nice!

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