Saturday, July 24, 2010

All quiet on the work-front

I arrived at work tonight to a highly unusual situation...

an EMPTY unit.


That's right. I said EMPTY.
No one in triage, no one in labor, nada.

I guess I will take this opportunity to throw in a few new tidbits about the girls!

A Stinker
She is talking up a storm and suprises me just about every day with what she has picked up and how good her communicating is! She is very imaginative and has taken to playing with her "babies". She loves helping me do dishes, laundry, and yes, even going to the "potty". (She likes to cheer for me when I go!) She copies EVERYTHING we do (must remind myself of that A LOT), and in general is far too quickly turning into a self-sufficient little girl!

Smiley baby
She is your typical cute, loveable, snuggly baby! She is getting so strong and we recently put her in the Exersaucer! Because she's so tiny still, we have to give her a little extra support around her waist with a blanket so she doesn't tip over, but she loves being in it! It's a whole new way to view the world, ya know?! She is starting to giggle, but it sounds a lot more like grunting than anything. Makes me laugh though! She's growing so fast, we're really getting into that fun age!

I'm going to also share a little about our "other" babes!

Apparently, Boone has gone through puberty and now has become an old man. A little more grumpy, a little more hair on his man-parts, and a little less "peppy" but overall, still our first love! My handsome boy and the one part to the family that keeps Ryan from feeling completely overrun by females! Ha!

Spaz, weirdo, attention-hog.... oh the list goes on! She is however, Lila's buddy. Completely and utterly tolerant of any abuse our toddler can dish out! Rio is the mama of the house and always feels compelled to check on us every evening. "You coming to bed guys?" She's a good girl. If she'd keep a lid on her highly annoying WHINING, she'd be pretty much a perfect pooch!

I've got some really great little ones in the house!

Okay, so back to work. Oh wait...
Only 8 hours to go...

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