Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just showing off our girls

**Disclaimer** This contains a ton of pictures!

So I have had a few really great days! The weather has been great, the girls have been great (and sleeping great), I saw a great movie (Eclipse), and I feel great! Just Greatness, all around!

Took a trip to the zoo on Tuesday with my friend Chelsie and her little girl, Elise. Her and Lila are the same age and it's fun to see them together! I gotta say Chelsie... you got your hands full girl! Whew! I thought Lila was busy! Elise is just so darn cute though, you can't help but want to scoop her up and snuggle her!!! It was a fun day!

Yesterday, I indulged in one of my guilty pleasures and took Ellie to see the new Twilight movie, Eclipse! Yes, I took my 2 month old baby to a vampire movie!!! And much to my suprise and delight, she was perfect! "Talked" and "coo'd" through all the previews, then ate and fell asleep through the whole thing! The movie was AWESOME, they just keep getting better! I'm already excited for the 4th installment, probably cause that was my favorite book!!

Today, I'm going to take every opportunity to enjoy my last day off before the week of hell begins. Tomorrow will start my first stretch of 6 shifts in 7 days since I went on maternity leave. It's always hell to begin with, but adding the stress of all this "strike" stuff, is just making it worse. Tension is so high at that place you can just feel it. Ick. I'm going to post a bunch of pictures of my girls, then if I need a little "get-away" I can pull it up and look at their gorgeous faces and remember why I'm there!!!

Now, a quick moment of sap, then I'll be done...
This morning Lila had to get up early, so Ryan could take her to daycare and as usual when she's woken up early, she was a little whiny. Ok, a LOT whiny. But when she is content, just to sit in my lap, snuggled into my chest and eat her Eggo, I feel like I'm queen of the world! Then when they left, I got to just sit and cuddle my little Elaina and she just stared at me. So intent. It made me just wonder how the heck could I be so lucky as to have created these two amazing little girls?! They both are miraculous! I try hard to be a good mom, somedays it's easier than others, but I must be doing something right, because God has blessed me with 2 of the greatest gifts in the whole world! Thanks be to GOD!

This is true relaxation!

Ellie's little smirk!

So serious!

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