Sunday, July 11, 2010

Whew... that was a rough one

Up all night, crying, whining, trying to comfort...

Nope, not talking about our baby. It was Lila that provided this less than joyous evening.

Note to self: don't give your toddler 2 sweet treats before bed, it'll come back to bite you, right around midnight. Arg.

We headed out to my Dad's place early Saturday morning and had a rather enjoyable day! My sister and her boyfriend were there, we had a nice visit and everyone went to bed easily. Thought that would be it for the night. I was wrong.

After fighting with Lila to go back to sleep for nearly 3 hours, we threw in the towel, packed up and headed for home. My poor sister got the wits scared outta here, when I woke her up, but thankfully, she loves me and was quite tolerant and patient with the whole thing. (Good thing, cause my patience was at an ultimate low!)

So, home around 5ish, Lila went straight to bed, Elaina got a bottle, and both Ryan and I crashed. Thankfully, we all got a few more hours of sleep and now Ryan took Lila to run a few errands and Ellie and I are doing this. I should be cleaning up the DISASTER of a house, but in lieu of coffee and quiet time, this is a much better option!

Have a great Sunday and start to the week, I'm already looking forward to Thursday when I'll be off for a whole week! Woot Woot!
Oh, Elaina says "ooohh, oh, gooo"

Here's a few pics from the week and some cute video!

Lila in the hammock at Papa's!

Lila getting snuggles from Papa.

Playing in the lake!

Elaina getting so strong at Tummy time!

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