Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello Monday

Hmmmm.... Okay, well, let's see....

It's one of those days were I just can't seem to get everything quite together. Not a bad day, not a great day... you know, just one of those days. I will apologize for my lack of quick wit or any sense of creativity in this post.

I survived my first week back, although it was really tough. It was tough on BOTH me and Ryan. Elaina really gave him a run for his money, but each night got progressively better and she has again settled into a decent pattern. Not the 8 hours I was LOVING, but 5-6, and that's pretty good.

The weekend was rather uneventful, other than Belle Plaine making the news for our "Hurricane Force winds"! Seriously, I'm quoting good ole' Sven from Kare 11! Winds reached a whopping 72 mph down here in Emma Krumbee land! What were we doing during this wild storm.... not chilling out in our basement like we should have... nope. We were watching some show on DVR, oblivious to the weather alerts and tornado warnings. I just kept thinking... "Wow, it's REALLY windy out there!". It wasn't until the sirens started going off that we even took a hint! Ha! Oh well, other than some branches down in the streets, doesn't appear to be much damage!

I did attend my friends Bridal shower on Saturday and was DELIGHTED to come home to a clean house!!! I'm talking clean kitchen, vacuumed floors, folded laundry kind of clean!!! What an AWESOME treat for me, thank you Ryan, I love you so much!!!

This week has little to no plans and I'm quite happy about that. I just might take Ellie and treat myself to a movie on Wednesday. Yeah, I'll admit I'm a huge Twilight dork and Eclipse comes out that day. How many people think I'm nuts to try and take a 2 month old to a movie??? Wait.. don't answer that.

I heart Edward!

Anyway, have a great week, we're supposed to have some great weather! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Lila "helping" dad put together a lawn mower

Sweet little tootsies!

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