Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend so far...

I slept for almost 8 hours last night...
... and no, I didn't ship the girls to Grandma's!
They just love their mama so much, they finally decided to give her a break!
Ok, so that being said, I'm feeling pretty darn awesome today!

Back up a few days to Thursday night...

Ellie cried and fussed until almost 11pm, would only be comforted if mommy was bouncing and walking around. Sleep. Wake at 1:30am, eat (kinda), fuss (a lot), eat (kinda), stare at me, eat (kinda), scream if I put her down... Snooze at 3:45. Wake at 4:15. Cry WITH mommy.... ummm, you get the idea...

Our little peanut has proved to have quite the sensitive tummy. Most nights I struggle to get her comfortable and during the day she's in my carrier or in my arms since she's only happy totally upright. She's teased us twice with good nights, but that's exactly what they are... teasers. We usually pay for them the following night! I've tried all the tricks I can find... No dairy (sucks for mom, minor improvement for Ellie), chammomile tea, probiotics, Gas-X drops, elevated head, sleeping on tummy, all to no avail. She still seemed uncomfortable and upset. I really didn't want to give her prescription meds, but after one of my larger meltdowns early Friday morning, Ryan suggested maybe it was time to try something else.

Friday 10am Dr.'s office. I arrive on time (yeah for me), with both girls looking semi-presentable, and have only moderately bloodshot eyes from crying. In walks Dr. Neis and this is why I love him...
~he smiled and said hello to Lila, put his hand on my shoulder and said "are you OK?"
Of course, I teared up and apologized profusely while he took Elaina from my arms and cuddled her while I searched for some Kleenex. Seriously, this man is WONDERFUL! We went through all the tricks I've tried and why I didn't want to put her on meds, but he reassured me that I've done everything he would have suggested and that we can just do a "trial" run and see what happens. Reflux. Bah.
So we have now had Elaina on Zantac for 2.5 days and already she seems so much better. I know that it sometimes take awhile to kick in, but considering how the past 2 nights have been in comparison to the last few weeks, I'll take it! I'm hoping that we can wean her off by 5-6 months, but we'll just see what happens.

Friday, Ryan came home early and we spent the evening with our neighbors, enjoying good food and good company! Yesterday was a lovely, lazy, rainy day where as a whole, we didn't do much of anything! Ryan and I actually even took a 2 hour nap when the girls went down... PERFECT!
Today, Ryan went to Farmington to help a friend do some handy-work and I'm here with the girls (napping at the moment). This evening I'm going to see my mom's show. It's her 40th year of business and I think it'll be a great one!
Okay, I'm going to sneak in my shower, then try and tackle the dishes before the girls get up!
Have a great rest of the weekend!

Some recent pics for you to enjoy!

Yeah, this is how I feel most mornings! Ha!

Sunrise in our backyard...
what? I'm up early!

Sweet Relief

Happy baby, talking to Mama~

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