Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scooter (aka Lila Kate)

Oh how we love her...

She's such a goofy, bright, interesting little girl!
It sometimes makes me sad that she's no longer our "baby", but then she does something that makes me appreciate exactly who she is right now!

Her vocabulary is growing by the day, although some of it is distinguishable only to those who know her well! If she's feeling up to it, she will try to say just about anything you ask of her; otherwise, she just looks at you like, "why the heck would I say that?"

She is very active, loves to be outside, and seeks out ANYTHING that contains water... ie, bathtub, puddles, kitchen sink, kiddie pool, dog dish (yuck)...
Her food tastes vary with her moods, although you can entice her to eat just about anything with the promise of a handful of white cheddar popcorn! (Other favorites include BBQ Lays chips and Mr. Freezee's). She is very imaginative and loves to play with her kitchen and shopping cart, her legos, mommy's purses and shoes, jewelry, and of course buckets and shovels! She is insanely messy, yet throughout dinner wants her hands wiped off constantly, Hmmm?
Lila loves to climb and jump and her best buddies are Boone and Rio!

Lila has a few baby dolls, that are getting more and more attention, however, she still has her 1 true love.... rather her 2 loves... BLANKEE! (better known as her "B") Purple B is still favored slightly over Pink B, but either will do in a pinch. Just make sure you have one with you at nap and bedtime or the world will stop until you find one!!!

She has the most amazingly wild hair, that when tamed down has these great blonde curls that I'm desperately jealous of! (When out of control... well, it's just that!) Her eyes are another source of my envy; blue and bright and gorgeous! (just like Daddy's with a pinch more mischief!)

Lila Kate Volovsek
Crazy, Silly, Amazing
Warm, Loving, Fun
Blonde haired, blue eyed, Beautiful
Scooter, Stinker, Spaz...
My first born wonder

Oh how we love her!

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  1. Oh I love that last picture! She's such a doll!!


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