Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Triple-Boo and a Big Hooray!

Last night was my first night back to work.... boo

Last night the MN nurses association voted "yes" to an open-ended strike... double boo

Last night Ryan called me at 4am with Ellie screaming in the background at his wits end because she won't go to sleep... triple boo

Last night my big girl Lila slept all night in her big girl bed!!! Hooray!
This one actually makes me a little sad, Ryan said she kept saying "bed" "bed", so he took her out of her crib, put her in bed, and she didn't wake up till 8am!

I came home a little early from work, distraught from the 4am phone call. Of course, the house was quiet and everyone was sleeping when I came in. I snuck in a quick hour "nap", then got up to get the girls ready so Ryan could have another wink of sleep. I guess Ellie just wasn't too sure about Mama being gone and her and Ryan made "conversation" most of the night. Oh well, he managed, as I knew he would, and this morning he "man-ed" up and took the girls to the zoo with a friend of ours who's a stay-at-home Dad. Yup, 2 grown men, 3 little girls, stollers, diaper bags and baby carriers! What's more manly that that???!!! I love my husband!

I'm off to sleep, good night!

Oh, and I threw in a pic to prove Elaina isn't always such a bear!

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