Friday, June 18, 2010

Elaina is 2 Months

Our little peanut is 2 months old!

I'm back to work for the first time tonight and because the thought of leaving her for the next 3 nights brings me to tears, I'm just not going to think about it right now. So...

She is now a happy, smiling, cooing baby that sleeps like a DREAM!
Really, she is back to her easy-going self. The baby we knew at the beginning!
Elaina is obviously feeling much better as evidenced by her mood and sleep patterns,

and Happy Baby = Happy Mom and Daddy!

She is so tiny compared to her big sister, it still surprises me! Lila always ran in the 90th % or above and sweet little Ellie is only in the 25th% for her head and weight. Length is 75%, so I guess she's just long and lean (like Daddy!) I was stunned when they weighed her and she was 9lb 14oz. What? She is 2 months old and hasn't even broke the 10lb mark! Ha! What a little runt!

She makes all kinds of funny little noises, lots of "hoo" and "goo" sounds. She actually sounds quite a bit like a little owl! Ha! The other little thing I'm amused by is how often she sneezes and the fact that they always come in 3's! I've never heard this child only sneeze once!

Anyway, we are really enjoying her (and how much she sleeps!) and I'm so excited to watch this little person grow up! I just know she's going to be amazing and beautiful, just like her big sister!!!

(Seriously, can you BELIEVE these feet??? She could climb trees with those toes! HA!)

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  1. Absolutely darling Ana! Love the headband too :) Best of luck back at work--hopefully it'll go fast!


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