Friday, January 13, 2017

Lila is 8

October 6th, our firstborn turned 8 years old!

I know every parent makes comments on how fast their kids grow up, but somedays it just hits you a little harder than others! It's hard for me to fathom that it's been 8 years already since that chubby, bald, and surprisingly Female baby came into our lives!

Lila is special.  And yes, I'm her mother, so I'm supposed to say that, but truthfully... she is something
amazing!  She is both gentle and strong, a tom-boy and a girly girl, sweet and sassy all rolled into this wonderful blonde beauty!

She surprises us every day with the things she knows.  She loves to sing (although often off-key) and even when my ears feel like they're gonna bleed, it still makes me happy.  I love that she loves music as both Ryan and I do... and you better believe she knows a little of everything! Country to Pop, Classic Christmas, Alternative... she even bust out the lyrics of Chevelle- The Red yesterday in the car.  How the hell does she know that?!  She is in love with her stuffed animals and sleeps in a mountain of plush.  Anything can be fixed with a snuggle and a hug... she told me just this morning 
"Mom, I like hugs.  I think I should get a shirt that says 'Hugs Make Everything Better' ".  :)
I think she's very smart!

She's very strong and I have great hopes for her in whatever activity lights her up! Of course, Ryan and I love that she loves Crossfit... but will support and encourage her in anything she becomes passionate about (lets just leave the hockey discussion aside for the time being, ok?! )

I love this girl.  So much she makes my heart ache sometimes.  
I hate knowing that soon she will reach an age where things are just a little harder, people might be a little meaner, and judgement will touch her more.  I want her to continue to grow both strong in mind body, and spirit, but still soft at heart.  I hope hugs will always be a good fix for her!  

Lila Kate : we love you.  To the stars and beyond. 

Silly girl!

Oh... and the girls LOVES some Harry Potter, so this year, she got to have her first friend party.  Hogwarts themed, of course!  She's one cute kid, let me tell you!

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