Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Past few days

Not much exciting news, but I thought I'd make a quick update as things are going to get busier over the next week or so.
I worked over the weekend, so Ryan had Miss Lila to himself for the most part. Not that he doesn't like spending time with her, but he has this paranoia about keeping her quiet since I sleep during the day. Guess what? She's 9 months old, and a total chatterbox... I have very little expectation of her staying quiet! I tried to explain that very few night nurses get the privilege of going home to a totally quiet and dark home, but he still stresses about it. Ok... HONEY, it doesn't bother me if Lila makes noise on the weekends... you still are doing a great job! During the days this weekend he tried to take her on some "outings" for awhile at least... that seemed to help! (Both him and her!)
Speaking of Lila, I failed to mention that she had her 9 month checkup last week and as expected, she's doing great! 21.4lbs and 29 in tall. YIKES, she has already TRIPLED her birth weight, what??? I think we finally found a pediatrician that we are happy with and he was wonderful with Lila. She did get a few shots, but all is well. She is crawling like a little speed-demon and cruising along furniture and behind her walker so well. I can't believe how quick she gets around!
This weekend is BBQ days in good ole' Belle Plaine, and since I have lived in the town, I have worked that weekend, and this is the first time I'm off! However.... Ryan has to be gone, and honestly I'm not delighted about it, but oh well... I'll manage. He is taking Friday off to spend with me and the babe, and I'm going to see my Dad on Saturday. I've heard there's a pretty good fireworks display on Sunday night, so hopefully, he'll be home for that!
I hope everyone has a great week and weekend, take care!

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