Monday, July 20, 2009

With a heavy heart

I had every intention of doing a nice little update tonight on all the little trivial things in my life right now, however, when I got to work tonight I got some terrible news that has put a different feeling in my heart. I've written previously of my co-workers little girl, Mary, who has been fighting Neuroblastoma for a year. Today, we got the news that her second round of chemo is not working, they are stopping treatment (other than that needed for comfort), and give her around a month to live.
I am sick, my heart is so broken for this family. I can barely stand to think of the pain and sorrow they must be experiencing. I called Ryan shortly after hearing the news and told him to give Lila lots of extra love tonight. She is my sun, moon, and stars and the thought of losing her is simply more than I can stand.
Pray for this family. Pray for your own healthy families. Love unconditionally. Give those special people an extra hug and kiss tonight. Good night

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  1. Hey Ana, I am praying for your friend and her daughter. Thanks for the little reminder of how special our little ones are! I love the sun, moon and stars comment, isn't that the truth. My heart aches when Ryleigh gets a little scratch or bump. Can't wait to see you on Saturday! Miss you and take care! Heather


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