Monday, July 6, 2009

The Long Weekend

Well I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, we did! Thursday was a LOOOOONNNGGG day for me, and by 9pm that night, I'm not even sure I was coherant... but I made it through my stretch of hell and was looking at a long weekend with my family!
Friday we spent the day with my mom and Alan on the boat. It was Lila's first time out and she did.. OK... She really didn't like her lifejacket, and didn't even like having her toes dipped in the water, but she didn't have any major meltdowns, so we made it. In all honesty, I was in top form either (sorry Mom). I was still super-tired from the past few days and Lila's crankiness added to my crankiness... and so on. However, as long as I wasn't in her line of sight that day, she was just a peach! Ha! The mother-daughter relationship at it's best, right? J/K It was a good day, I just hope the weather is a smidge nicer and I've got a little more sleep next time we go out!
PS. Thank you Ryan for being so wonderfully tolerant of me in all my cranktastic glory!

Saturday was a pretty mellow 4th for us. We puttered around the house, then spent the late afternoon and evening at our friend Jake's house until we went to fireworks. Lila was a very good girl all things considered and even was awake to watch the fireworks! I have to say, I LOVE fireworks, they make me so happy.... but this year's were far and away the best! Why? Because I got to watch the most amazing expression of awe on my daughters face while holding her in my arms during the show! She wasn't afraid at all and the look on her face was more beautiful than any sparkler I've ever seen!! Perfect.... plain and simple!

The last two days were spent around the house. Lila finally had a full night's sleep last night (translate.... I had a full night's sleep... hooray!) We went to a small park in Jordan and let the pups play in the water. Lila, who hasn't been a big fan of water up to this point, also enjoyed playing in the water! It took her a bit, but I think she liked it, especially when she started splashing around! So Cute!

I'm currently sitting at work... bored beyond belief (but getting paid, so I'm not complaining at all!) I just picked up a quick 4 hour shift and then I'm off again until Friday, so Hooray for me and another stretch off! Lila has her 9 month pediatrician apt tomorrow, shots and all, but other than that little hiccup... the week should be pretty tip-top. Give me a call if anyone wants to hang out! Have a great week!

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