Friday, February 26, 2010

Bah... sick of being sick

Seriously, this is getting really old :(

Lila has yet ANOTHER cold; runny nose, nasty cough, low grade temp, yada yada and lucky me... well, I managed to pick it up too. What the heck? The biggest bummer is, being a small fry and a preggo, neither one of us can take any of the good stuff for it. Boo. Guess we'll stick with Tylenol and Vicks!

Other than the germs that keep invading my house, all is well. The week flew by and was far less productive than I had planned (kinda seems to be the norm... maybe I should just be less ambitious?) I did manage to make it to my Dr apt on Wed and as expected all is well. Baby #2 had a good strong heart rate and was showing off for the nurse by being so active. I'm measuring perfect for my dates, although I feel enormous, and things are moving along as they should. That day I also squeezed in a lovely meal with my friend Sarah at Big Bowl (yummy) and had a chance to catch up with her in an adult conversation (Lila went to daycare that day!).

Other big news... I am now not the only pregnant female in the house! Ryan picked up Rio from the breeder on Wednesday evening and they said everything went "smoothly". I will just take it at that, and not ask anymore questions! We were give lots of compliments on how pretty she is and how well socialized she was. Guess she got along with everyone there and slipped right into their family routine! We will know for sure in about 3 weeks when you can feel little lumps in her belly, then around 8 weeks we'll have an X-ray done to tell us about how many pups we can expect. Then the last week in April we should have our litter. (Did I mention that's when I'm due?) Lord help me!

I wanted to mention that Lila has really started "talking" in the last few weeks. I'm picking up more of her "words" every day, it's so amazing! In addition to "Dog", and "Daddy", she has now added these few...
"ee-ee" (kitty)
"oss" (off)
"ut" (up)
"wa dis?" (what's this?)
and my proud favorite.... "MOM"!!! Yes, she finally addresses me by the name I have longed to hear! Hooray!

Okay, well I'm back to work tonight for the weekend and considering I have this lovely cold, I'm sure I'm going to feel just stellar (sense the sarcasm?). So, I'm headed off to nap-time, hopefully Lila and the little kick-boxer inside me, will let me rest for a little over an hour! Happy Friday all!

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