Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Chapter

This morning I woke up to a new chapter in my life.

It's a strange feeling, but I'm ok.

Ryan headed off for work and the girls and I are home together.
I looked around and realized how amazingly blessed I am...

Today will be a good day!


  1. Hugs and more hugs. Sending love and prayers.

  2. Yes, you are. And life is a series of unforeseen turns. Of beauty and pain.

    Knowing that doesn't make the painful turns less painful though.

    I'm touched that you can see the blessings amongst the shadows...such a testament to your strength, your personality, your commitment to your values, and to Perspective. (But I still support your right to a tantrum and some ranting-n-raving frustration now and then!!! Life is hard sometimes, dammit. Allowing space for that is as valid as space for all the wonderful things.)

    Love you, lady!!


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