Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday weekend festivities

** Warning:  LOTS of photos **

Our littlest munchkin reigned supreme all weekend as each day had a touch of celebration!
You only turn 2 once, ya know?

On Friday, Elle and I spent the day alone together while Daddy was at work and Lila was at daycare.
She and I shared a plate of eggs and a grapefruit and she got to watch a show of her choosing without Lila throwing a fit about it!  We went to Target on a short shopping trip and then mosied around Chaska and snapped some photos!  A nice long nap when we got home and a lovely evening with the whole family!

Saturday was her actual Birthday, and although the weather was icky, we made it a pretty good day!  Lila colored her little sister a picture first thing in the morning, and for lunch they had one of their very favorite meals... FISH STICKS (I know, gross right?)  Then we had some cake and sang Happy Birthday and Elle opened her present from Daddy and I.  A BACKPACK of her very own!  (filled with a few little special things!)
Mid-morning movie and popcorn!!
"I'm TWO"
Filled with goodies!  Coloring book, new shirt, and a BUBBLE BLOWER!

Putting her to sleep that night was hard for me.  I cried as I rocked her.  Yes, I still rock my baby... she loves sto be cradled up in your arms with her blankee and cuddled at bedtime, so I will take every opportunity to rock her that she gives me! Soon this phase will pass, and my baby will be a baby no more.  Almost completely potty trained, big girl bed, talking better each day...  it makes me ... not really sad, just emotional.  Time really flies!

Sunday was her little party.  Nothing fancy, just a few family members.  A little food, a few gifts, and of course some cake... it was a really nice day!  I think Elaina was pretty tired by the end, but all in all, was a really good girl!  Thank you so much to those who made the trek over to give her some love!  
WooHoo!!  "Monies" Haha, silly girl!
Ryan's FABULOUS cheesecake!!  ~I did the "decorating"~

Elaina is an amazing little girl!
She's full of light and fire and gives me reason to smile every day!
She is determined and courageous and although she pushes us to our limits somedays, 
I think it's just to show us how strong she is, and how far in life she's going to go!
Elaina, you are a blessing to our entire family and we couldn't love you more!

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  1. Happy birthday, Elaina!! Hope your day was awesome !! Hope you got the phone message! Love and miss you guys.


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