Friday, January 7, 2011

Random videos

Ryan's home!!!

Oh how we missed him!
He got home last night a little after 6pm and we had a nice evening together with the kiddos!
I head back to work tonight for the yuck-o stretch of 6 out of 7 days, so unfortunately,
that was just about it for family time for the next week.  Boo :(
Moving on...
I wanted to share some random cute videos I have and another picture or 2 (or 10)
Lila is saying "come here buddy!"  Haha!  She's so infatuated with those little stinkers!
Here's a couple of cute pics of Tim and Joe - Frank the Tank wasn't cooperating yesterday.

This video is our little Elaina, on the MOVE! (oh help us... she's not even 9 months yet!)
She just figured out how to push this around...
now we just need to get Lila to leave her alone while she's using it, and all will be well!
(Lila likes to "help" her!)

Some other random photos... nothing spectacular... just my loves, being cute!
Ellie, checking out the puppies

Ahhh.... She's So CUTE!
Mmmm... chocolate pudding!
getting cleaned up
Ellie's Favorite bath toy!

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