Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mommy Day

I had a wonderful "Mommy Day" today!

Ryan gave me a GC for a massage at a salon in Shakopee for Christmas. 
(scored major points for this one!)
Since the girls were at daycare today, normally I would have tried to pick up a shift at work,
or cleaned the house, or tackled the mountain of laundry...

I didn't.

I took the girls to Nicole's at 7am.
I spent a few lovely quiet hours at the house, doing pretty much nothing productive
(and loving it!)
I then went and had my much neglected hair done.  Yep, both a cut and color.
Then I had a delicious lunch of soup and sandwich at Zuppa Cuccinas.
THEN I meandered over to the spa for my massage!
A hot stone therapy massage!  Have you tried it?
You should!

It was wonderful, and warm, and quiet... did I say it was wonderful?!

I then ran a quick errand to Target and over to pick up my sweets!
Both girls had baths and stories, and now are tucked comfy cozy in bed!!!


Here are some more of the pictures I took yesterday of my girls.  Trying some new stuff... not too scary after all!  Let me know whatcha think!
Look Mom, I'm JUMPING!
kinda wierd angle, but I love it!

I'm gonna go have a glass of wine, watch a chick flick, and miss my boyfriend a little (or a lot).
Then I'm going to go to bed and get a FULL NIGHTS SLEEP!  WooHoo!!!

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  1. Good for you! Your mommy day sounded wonderful, you deserve it! Adorable photos, love the last one!


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